Autoimports i586

Package Description
rusers-server-0.17-alt1_94.i586.rpm Server for the rusers protocol
rvm-1.17-alt1_20.i586.rpm C library for unstructured recoverable virtual memory
rvm-devel-1.17-alt1_20.i586.rpm Development files for rvm
rvm-tools-1.17-alt1_20.i586.rpm Tools for rvm
rwall-0.17-alt1_48.i586.rpm Client for sending messages to a host's logged in users
rwall-server-0.17-alt1_48.i586.rpm Server for sending messages to a host's logged in users
rwho-0.17-alt1_65.i586.rpm Displays who is logged in to local network machines
s2u-0.9.2-alt1_8.i586.rpm System to user tools
s3switch-0.1-alt2_16.20020912.i586.rpm Manage the output device on S3 Savage chips
safelease-1.0.1-alt1_2.i586.rpm Legacy locking utility for VDSM
sailcut-1.4.1-alt1_7.i586.rpm A sail design and plotting software
sam2p-0.49.3-alt1_2.i586.rpm Convert raster images to PostScript or PDF
samdump2-3.0.0-alt1_13.i586.rpm Retrieves syskey and extracts hashes from Windows 2k/NT/XP/Vista SAM
saoimage-1.35.1-alt1_8.i586.rpm Utility for displaying astronomical images
sar2-2.3.3-alt1_8.i586.rpm An open source helicopter simulator
satyr-0.23-alt3_9.i586.rpm Tools to create anonymous, machine-friendly problem reports
satyr-devel-0.23-alt3_9.i586.rpm Development libraries for satyr
sayonara-1.5.1-alt1_1.i586.rpm A lightweight Qt Audio player
sblim-cmpi-devel-2.0.3-alt1_19.i586.rpm SBLIM CMPI Provider Development Support
sblim-indication_helper-0.5.0-alt1_2.i586.rpm Toolkit for CMPI indication providers
sblim-indication_helper-devel-0.5.0-alt1_2.i586.rpm Toolkit for CMPI indication providers (Development Files)
sblim-sfcc-docs-2.2.8-alt1_4.i586.rpm Standards Based Linux Instrumentation for Manageability
sblim-tools-libra-1.0-alt1_7.i586.rpm SBLIM Common Resource Access Library for WBEM-SMT tasks
sblim-tools-libra-devel-1.0-alt1_7.i586.rpm SBLIM Common Resource Access Library for WBEM-SMT tasks Header Devel Files
sblim-wbemcli-1.6.3-alt1_16.i586.rpm SBLIM WBEM Command Line Interface
scamper-0-alt1_0.18.20141211f.i586.rpm A network measurement tool
scamper-devel-0-alt1_0.18.20141211f.i586.rpm Development files for scamper
schismtracker-20120105-alt1_17.i586.rpm Sound module composer/player
scid-4.6.4-alt1_2.i586.rpm Shane's Chess Information Database
screenie-composer-1.0.0-alt1_0.21.20110805git49c2630.i586.rpm Fancy screenshot composer
scrub-2.5.2-alt1_15.i586.rpm Disk scrubbing program
scythia-0.9.3-alt1_25.i586.rpm Just a small ftp client
se-sandbox-runner-qt4-1.7.14-alt1_9.i586.rpm Qt4 wrapper for SELinux Sandbox
se-sandbox-runner-qt5-1.7.14-alt1_9.i586.rpm Qt5 wrapper for SELinux Sandbox
seahorse-caja-1.18.1-alt1_6.i586.rpm PGP encryption and signing for caja
sedutil-1.15.1-alt1_4.i586.rpm Tools to manage the activation and use of self encrypting drives
sendfile-2.1b-alt1_11.i586.rpm Asynchronous file transfer service
sequencer64-0.90.5-alt1_2.i586.rpm A minimal loop based midi sequencer
serdisplib-1.97.9-alt1_17.i586.rpm Library to drive serial displays with built-in controllers
serdisplib-devel-1.97.9-alt1_17.i586.rpm Development files for serdisplib
serdisplib-tools-1.97.9-alt1_17.i586.rpm serdisplib tools (testserdisp, multidisplay)
seren-0.0.21-alt1_10.i586.rpm Simple VoIP program to create conferences from the terminal
setBfree-0.8.9-alt1_1.i586.rpm A DSP Tonewheel Organ emulator
setuptool-1.19.11-alt1_19.i586.rpm A text mode system configuration tool
sgpio- SGPIO captive backplane tool
sgt-puzzles-20190415-alt1_1.i586.rpm Simon Tatham's one-player puzzle collection
shairport-sync-3.3.1-alt1_2.i586.rpm AirTunes emulator. Multi-Room with Audio Synchronisation
shed-1.15-alt1_21.i586.rpm Easy to use hex editor
sheepdog-0.3.0-alt2_11.i586.rpm The Sheepdog Distributed Storage System for KVM/QEMU
shigofumi-0.8-alt1_11.i586.rpm Command line client for accessing the Czech Data Boxes
sigil-0.9.14-alt1_3.i586.rpm WYSIWYG ebook editor
simcoupe-1.0-alt1_25.i586.rpm SAM Coupe emulator (spectrum compatible)
simdock-1.5.3-alt1_3.i586.rpm Fast and customizable dockbar
simpleconvert-3.0-alt1_3.i586.rpm Cross platform application to convert multiple files to another filetype
simsu-1.3.8-alt1_1.i586.rpm Basic Sudoku game
simulavr- An AVR Simulator
since-1.1-alt1_19.i586.rpm Stateful tail replacement
sir-2.5.1-alt2_20.i586.rpm A simple application for resizing images
sjasm-0.39-alt1_0.26.g1.i586.rpm A z80 cross assembler
sjeng-free-11.2-alt1_18.i586.rpm Chess program that plays many variants
sjinn-1.01-alt1_20.i586.rpm Simple tool for sending & receiving data from RS-232 devices
sketch-0.3.7-alt1_5.i586.rpm A 3D Scene Description Translator
sl-5.02-alt1_11.i586.rpm Joke command for when you type 'sl' instead of 'ls'
smartsim-1.4-alt1_13.i586.rpm Digital logic circuit design and simulation package
smathstudio-0.99.6671-alt1_2.i586.rpm Small mathematic program with MathCad style
smcalc-1.0.1-alt1_2.i586.rpm Matrix Calculator
smp_utils-0.98-alt1_15.i586.rpm Utilities for SAS management protocol (SMP)
smp_utils-devel-0.98-alt1_15.i586.rpm Development library and header files for the smp_utils library
smp_utils-libs-0.98-alt1_15.i586.rpm Shared library for smp_utils
smtpping-1.1.3-alt1_8.i586.rpm Small tool for measuring SMTP parameters
snapraid-11.2-alt1_4.i586.rpm Disk array backup for many large rarely-changed files
sng-1.1.0-alt1_9.i586.rpm Lossless editing of PNGs via a textual representation
sni-qt-0.2.7-alt1_0.3.20170217.i586.rpm Plugin for Qt4 that turns QSystemTrayIcons into status notifiers
sniproxy-0.4.0-alt1_5.i586.rpm Transparent TLS proxy
soapy-rtlsdr-0.2.5-alt1_3.i586.rpm SoapySDR module for RTL-SDR hardware
sockperf-3.5-alt1_3.i586.rpm Network benchmarking utility for testing latency and throughput
solarus-1.6.0-alt1_2.i586.rpm An open-source Zelda-like 2D game engine
soundmodem-0.20-alt1_12.i586.rpm Soundcard Packet Radio Modem
soundmodem-devel-0.20-alt1_12.i586.rpm Development files for soundmodem
soundwrapper-1.7-alt1_8.i586.rpm Directs a program's sound output to Pulse, ALSA, aRts or esd
spacenavd-0.6-alt1_10.i586.rpm A free, compatible alternative for 3Dconnexion's input drivers
spasm-ng-0.5-alt1_0.12.beta.3.i586.rpm A z80 assembler with extra features for TI calculators
spausedd-20190807-alt1_1.i586.rpm Utility to detect and log scheduler pause
spawn-0.1-alt1_20.i586.rpm Simple tool to run several Linux command-lines in parallel
speedtouch-firmware-extractor-0.1-alt1_18.i586.rpm Speedtouch firmware extractor
spew-1.0.8-alt1_22.i586.rpm I/O performance measurement and load generation tool
spicctrl-1.9-alt1_25.i586.rpm Sony Vaio laptop SPIC control program
spill-0.8-alt1_20.i586.rpm A segregated package install logical linker
spim-20171115-alt1_0.6.svn.i586.rpm An assembly language MIPS32 simulator
spindown-0.4.0-alt1_24.i586.rpm Daemon that can spin idle disks down
spor-1.0-alt1_20.i586.rpm Store file modes (permission/ownership) recursively
sqlite3-dbf-2011.01.24-alt1_15.i586.rpm Converter of XBase / FoxPro tables to SQLite
srain-1.0.0-alt1_0.4.rc5.i586.rpm Modern, beautiful IRC client written in GTK+ 3
srcpd-2.1.3-alt1_10.i586.rpm Simple Railroad Command Protocol (SRCP) server
srm-ifce-1.24.3-alt1_7.i586.rpm SRM client side library
srm-ifce-devel-1.24.3-alt1_7.i586.rpm SRM client side headers and development files
sscg-2.5.1-alt1_3.i586.rpm Simple SSL certificate generator
sselp-0.2-alt1_20.i586.rpm Prints X selection to standard out
ssh-contact-0.7-alt1_15.i586.rpm Establish SSH connections to your IM contacts using Telepathy
sshtrix-0.0.2-alt1_9.i586.rpm A very fast multithreaded SSH login cracker
ssldump-0.9-alt1_0.20.b3.i586.rpm An SSLv3/TLS network protocol analyzer
sslsniff-0.8-alt2_26.i586.rpm SSL/TLS man-in-the-middle attack tool
sslsplit-0.5.5-alt1_1.i586.rpm Transparent and scalable SSL/TLS interception
ssm-1.1-alt1_5.i586.rpm Macromolecular coordinate superposition library
ssm-devel-1.1-alt1_5.i586.rpm Header files and library for developing programs with ssm
ssss-0.5-alt1_9.i586.rpm Shamir's Secret Sharing Scheme
staden-io_lib-1.12.4-alt1_15.i586.rpm General purpose library to handle gene sequencing machine trace files
staden-io_lib-devel-1.12.4-alt1_15.i586.rpm Development files for staden-io_lib
starplot-0.95.5-alt1_28.i586.rpm 3-dimensional perspective star map viewer
stepmania-5.0.12-alt1_1.i586.rpm Dance and rhythm game with 3D graphics and dance pad support
stockfish-10-alt1_1.i586.rpm A chess engine
stopmotion-0.8.4-alt1_1.i586.rpm An application for creating stopmotion animations
stormbaancoureur-2.1.6-alt1_7.i586.rpm Physics-based obstacle course simulation
streameye-0.9-alt1_1.i586.rpm Simple MJPEG streamer for Linux
stripesnoop-1.5-alt1_29.i586.rpm Magnetic Stripe Reader
stud-0.3-alt1_15.20120814git.i586.rpm The Scalable TLS Unwrapping Daemon
stuff-1.27-alt1_2.i586.rpm An astronomical source catalogue generator
stun-0.97-alt1_13.i586.rpm Implements a simple Stun Client
stun-server-0.97-alt1_13.i586.rpm Implements the Stun Server
subnetcalc-2.4.14-alt1_1.i586.rpm IPv4/IPv6 Subnet Calculator
sumwars-0.5.8-alt3_18.i586.rpm Hack and slash top-down view RPG game
sundials-4.1.0-alt1_1.i586.rpm Nonlinear, differential and algebraic equation solvers
sunwait-0.1-alt1_0.12.20041208.i586.rpm Calculate sunrise, sunset, twilight
superiotool-0-alt1_0.33.20110607svn6543.i586.rpm Simple program for detecting Super I/O on your mainboard
surf-2.0-alt1_8.i586.rpm Simple web browser
swarp-2.38.0-alt1_13.i586.rpm Tool that resamples and co-adds together FITS images
swaylock-1.4-alt1_2.i586.rpm Screen locker for Wayland
sweep-0.9.3-alt4_26.i586.rpm An audio editor and live playback tool
sweep-devel-0.9.3-alt4_26.i586.rpm Development files for Sweep
switcheroo-control-1.3.1-alt1_2.i586.rpm D-Bus service to check the availability of dual-GPU
sxhkd-0.6.1-alt1_1.i586.rpm Simple X hotkey daemon
sympow-2.023.5-alt1_2.i586.rpm Special Values of Symmetric Power Elliptic Curve L-Functions
synce-gnomevfs-0.13-alt1_19.i586.rpm Gnome-vfs module for synce
synce-software-manager-0.9.0-alt1_32.i586.rpm Software manager for use with synce
synthv1-0.9.2-alt1_2.i586.rpm A 4-oscillator subtractive polyphonic synthesizer
sys_basher-2.0.2-alt2_2.i586.rpm A multithreaded hardware exerciser
systemd-ui-3-alt1_5.i586.rpm System and Service Manager UI for systemd
t-lasku-1.25.0-alt1_1.i586.rpm Finnish invoicing software
taarich-1.20051120-alt1_28.i586.rpm Tells the Hebrew date, Torah readings, and generates calendars
tack-1.08-alt1_7.20190721.i586.rpm Terminfo action checker
tagainijisho-1.0.3-alt1_12.i586.rpm A free Japanese dictionary and study assistant
taginfo-1.2-alt1_21.i586.rpm Printer of Tag Information from Media Files
taglib-sharp- Provides tag reading and writing for Banshee and other Mono apps
taglib-sharp-devel- Provides tag reading and writing for Banshee and other Mono apps
taisei-v1.0a_116-alt1_10.i586.rpm Taisei is a fan-made, Open Source clone of the Touhou series
taktuk-3.7.7-alt1_2.i586.rpm Parallel, scalable launcher for cluster and lightweight grids
tanglet-1.5.4-alt1_1.i586.rpm Word finding game
taper-7.0-alt1_0.pre118.i586.rpm A menu-driven file backup system
task-spooler-1.0-alt1_4.i586.rpm Personal job scheduler
taskserver-1.0.0-alt1_5.i586.rpm Server for multi-user and multi-client access to taskwarrior data
tbftss-1.5.0-alt1_1.i586.rpm The Battle for the Solar System: The Pandoran War
tcalc-2.1-alt1_9.i586.rpm The terminal calculator
tcd-utils-20120115-alt1_15.i586.rpm TCD (Tide Constituent Database) Utils
tcl-mysqltcl-3.052-alt1_12.i586.rpm MySQL interface for Tcl
tcl-pgtcl-2.1.1-alt1_10.i586.rpm A Tcl client library for PostgreSQL
tcl-tcludp-1.0.11-alt1_11.i586.rpm Tcl extension for UDP support
tcl-tclxml-3.2-alt1_25.i586.rpm XML parsing library for the Tcl scripting language
tcl-tclxml-devel-3.2-alt1_25.i586.rpm Development files for the tclxml packages
tcl-tclxml-gui-3.2-alt1_25.i586.rpm UI widgets for manipulating a DOM tree
tcl-tkpng-0.9-alt1_24.i586.rpm Tcl/Tk support for PNG
tclabc-1.3.7-alt2_3.i586.rpm A Tcl interface and a Tk GUI to the ABC notation
tcltls-1.7.18-alt1_2.i586.rpm OpenSSL extension for Tcl
tcltls-devel-1.7.18-alt1_2.i586.rpm Header files for the OpenSSL extension for Tcl
tcping-1.3.5-alt1_22.i586.rpm Check of TCP connection to a given IP/Port
tcpjunk-2.9.03-alt1_18.i586.rpm TCP protocols testing tool
tcptunnel-0.7-alt1_8.i586.rpm Tcptunnel is a simple TCP port forwarder
telescope-server-0-alt1_0.16.20070315.i586.rpm Opensource Telescope control servers to interface with stellarium
terminatorx-4.0.1-alt1_3.i586.rpm Realtime audio synthesizer
termy-server-1.1.4-alt1_4.i586.rpm TermySequence terminal multiplexer server
teseq-1.1.1-alt1_10.i586.rpm An utility for rendering terminal typescripts human-readable
tetex-dvipost-1.1-alt1_30.i586.rpm LaTeX post filter command to support change bars and overstrike mode
tetrominos-1.0.1-alt1_5.i586.rpm Simple CLI logical game
tetzle-2.1.5-alt1_1.i586.rpm Jigsaw puzzle with tetromino pieces
tex-zfuzz-3.4.1-alt1_9.i586.rpm Type-checker and LaTeX style for Z spec language
texstudio-2.8.4-alt2_1.i586.rpm A feature-rich editor for LaTeX documents
tfdocgen-20150202git-alt1_11.i586.rpm TiLP framework documentation generator
thc-ipv6-3.4-alt1_5.i586.rpm An toolkit for attacking the IPv6 protocol suite
throttle-1.2-alt1_12.i586.rpm Bandwidth limiting pipe
thunar-vfs-1.2.0-alt1_9.i586.rpm Virtual filesystem shipped with Thunar 1.0 and earlier releases
tikzit-2.1.4-alt1_2.i586.rpm Diagram editor for pgf/TikZ
tilp2-1.18-alt1_2.i586.rpm Texas Instruments handheld(s) <-> PC communication program
timespan-2.2-alt1_17.i586.rpm A tool that performs date-based time calculations
tipcutils-2.2.0-alt1_4.i586.rpm Utils package required to configure TIPC
tkdnd-2.8-alt1_9.i586.rpm Tk extension that adds native drag & drop capabilities
tkgate-2.0-alt2_31.beta10.i586.rpm An event driven digital circuit simulator
tlock-1.6-alt1_10.i586.rpm Terminal lock
tlock-devel-1.6-alt1_10.i586.rpm Development library for tlock
tmispell-voikko-0.7.1-alt2_23.i586.rpm An Ispell compatible front-end for spell-checking modules
tmpwatch-2.11-alt1_15.i586.rpm A utility for removing files based on when they were last accessed
tnftp-20151004-alt1_9.i586.rpm FTP (File Transfer Protocol) client from NetBSD
tomoe-0.6.0-alt1_43.i586.rpm Handwritten input system for Japanese and Chinese
tomoe-devel-0.6.0-alt1_43.i586.rpm Tomoe development files
tomoe-gtk-0.6.0-alt1_34.i586.rpm Gtk library for tomoe for Japanese and Chinese handwritten input
tomoe-gtk-devel-0.6.0-alt1_34.i586.rpm Gtk library for tomoe Japanese handwritten input
toolshed-20180731hg6906ea14f8f5-alt1_3.i586.rpm Cross-development toolkit for use with the Tandy Color Computer
torch-3.1-alt1_12.i586.rpm Torch is a simple machine-learning library
torch-devel-3.1-alt1_12.i586.rpm Development files for torch
touchcal-1.00-alt1_1.i586.rpm Calibration utility for touch screens
tpm-quote-tools-1.0.4-alt1_4.i586.rpm TPM-based attestation using the TPM quote operation (tools)
tpm2-tools-4.0-alt1_1.i586.rpm A TPM2.0 testing tool build upon TPM2.0-TSS
trader-7.12-alt1_2.i586.rpm A simple game of interstellar trading
tralics-2.15.4-alt1_8.i586.rpm LaTeX to XML translator
transmission-remote-gtk-1.3.1-alt1_9.i586.rpm GTK remote control for the Transmission BitTorrent client
transset-df-6-alt1_9.i586.rpm Sets translucency properties
treecc-0.3.8-alt1_25.i586.rpm Tree Compiler Compiler
trigger-rally- 3D rally racing game
tripwire- IDS (Intrusion Detection System)
trojita-0.6-alt2_5.i586.rpm IMAP e-mail client
trustyrc-0.1.4-alt1_8.i586.rpm Fully modular IRC robot
tse3-0.3.1-alt3_25.i586.rpm MIDI Sequencer Engine
tse3-devel-0.3.1-alt3_25.i586.rpm Development packages for the TSE3 MIDI Sequencer Library
tstools-1.11-alt2_1.i586.rpm Command line tools for working with MPEG streams
ttcp-1.12-alt1_40.i586.rpm A tool for testing TCP connections
turtlearena-0.6.1-alt1_10.i586.rpm A Third Person Action game using a modified version of the ioquake3 engine
turtlearena-server-0.6.1-alt1_10.i586.rpm Dedicated server for TurtleArena
tux_aqfh-1.0.14-alt1_23.i586.rpm Tuxedo T. Penguin: A Quest For Herring
tuxanci-0.21.0-alt1_10.i586.rpm First tux shooter multiplayer network game
twlog-2.7-alt1_20.i586.rpm Records basic ham radio log information
tworld-1.3.2-alt1_12.i586.rpm Intellectually engaging puzzle game
tzclock-3.1.7-alt1_4.i586.rpm GTK+ graphical Clock displaying the time around the world
uberftp-2.8-alt1_11.i586.rpm GridFTP-enabled ftp client
uboot-tools-2019.04-alt1_0.4.rc3.i586.rpm U-Boot utilities
ucpp-1.3.5-alt1_1.i586.rpm Embeddable, quick, light and fully compliant ISO C99 preprocessor
ucviewer-0.1-alt1_0.22.20101019svn4.i586.rpm A tool for browsing Unicode tables
udev-browse-0.3-alt1_5.i586.rpm Udev browser tool
ufiformat-0.9.8-alt1_17.i586.rpm Disk formatting utility for USB floppy devices
uget-integrator-1.0.0-alt1_2.i586.rpm Integrate uGet Download Manager with various browsers
uim-chewing-0.1.0-alt1_8.i586.rpm Chinese input plugin for UIM
uips-20100823-alt1_7.i586.rpm Universal IPS create/apply utility
unac-1.8.0-alt1_9.i586.rpm A command that removes accents
unalz-0.65-alt1_8.i586.rpm Decompression utility
undbx-0.21-alt1_12.i586.rpm Outlook Express .dbx files extractor
unhide-20130526-alt1_6.i586.rpm Tool to find hidden processes and TCP/UDP ports from rootkits
unifont-7.0.06-alt1_2.i586.rpm Tools and glyph descriptions in a very simple text format
unittest-0.50-alt1_62.6.7.i586.rpm C++ Unit Test Framework
unpackssi-20030612-alt1_8.i586.rpm .SSI File Unpacker
unuran-1.8.1-alt1_9.i586.rpm Universal Non-Uniform Random number generator
unuran-devel-1.8.1-alt1_9.i586.rpm Header and object files for unuran
unzix-0.3.0-alt1_16.i586.rpm A WinZix archive extractor
up-imapproxy-1.2.8-alt1_0.16.20171022svn14722.i586.rpm University of Pittsburgh IMAP Proxy
uprof-0.3-alt1_0.15.20110115gita6832f7a.i586.rpm Profiling toolkit
uprof-devel-0.3-alt1_0.15.20110115gita6832f7a.i586.rpm Development files for uprof
upslug2-0.0-alt1_0.22.20071107.svn39.i586.rpm Firmware update utility for the nslu2
upsm-2.0.2-alt1_3.i586.rpm Qt-based ups monitor (front-end for upsc from Network UPS Tools)
urbanlightscape-1.4.0-alt1_7.i586.rpm Utility for localized exposure correction
uread-0-alt1_0.21.20081006.i586.rpm Utilities for unformatted fortran files
urg-0.8.11-alt1_6.i586.rpm Library to access Hokuyo URG laser range finders
urg-devel-0.8.11-alt1_6.i586.rpm Development files for urg
uronode-2.10-alt1_2.i586.rpm Alternative packet radio system for Linux
usbsniff-0-alt1_11.20141209git079747e.i586.rpm USB traffic capture and replay tools