perl-CrawlerCommons-RobotRulesParser - parser for robots.txt files

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Package filename perl-CrawlerCommons-RobotRulesParser-0.03-alt1.noarch.rpm
Package name perl-CrawlerCommons-RobotRulesParser
Package version 0.03
Package release alt1
Package architecture noarch
Package type rpm
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This module is a fairly close reproduction of the Crawler-Commons
From BaseRobotsParser javadoc:
Parse the robots.txt file in <i>content</i>, and return rules appropriate
for processing paths by <i>userAgent</i>. Note that multiple agent names
may be provided as comma-separated values; the order of these shouldn't
matter, as the file is parsed in order, and each agent name found in the
file will be compared to every agent name found in robotNames.
Also note that names are lower-cased before comparison, and that any
robot name you pass shouldn't contain commas or spaces; if the name has
spaces, it will be split into multiple names, each of which will be
compared against agent names in the robots.txt file. An agent name is
considered a match if it's a prefix match on the provided robot name. For
example, if you pass in "Mozilla Crawlerbot-super 1.0", this would match
"crawlerbot" as the agent name, because of splitting on spaces,
lower-casing, and the prefix match rule.
The method failedFetch is not implemented.


Package Version Architecture Repository
perl-CrawlerCommons-RobotRulesParser All All All


Name Value
/usr/share/perl5 -
perl(Const/ >= 0.014
perl( >= 2.800
perl(Log/ -
perl( >= 2.180.400
perl(MooseX/ >= 0.290
perl(MooseX/Log/ >= 0.470
perl(Try/ >= 0.240
perl( >= 1.710
perl(URI/ >= 3.310
perl(namespace/ >= 0.280
perl( -
perl-base >= 1:5.10.1
rpmlib(PayloadIsLzma) -


Name Value
perl(CrawlerCommons/ = 0.030
perl(CrawlerCommons/ = 0.030
perl(CrawlerCommons/ = 0.030
perl(CrawlerCommons/ = 0.030
perl(CrawlerCommons/ = 0.030
perl-CrawlerCommons-RobotRulesParser = 0.03-alt1


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Binary Package perl-CrawlerCommons-RobotRulesParser-0.03-alt1.noarch.rpm
Source Package perl-CrawlerCommons-RobotRulesParser-0.03-alt1.src.rpm

Install Howto

  1. Add the following line to /etc/apt/sources.list:
    rpm [Sisyphus] noarch autoimports
    rpm [Sisyphus] noarch autoimports
  2. Update the package index:
    # sudo apt-get update
  3. Install perl-CrawlerCommons-RobotRulesParser rpm package:
    # sudo apt-get install perl-CrawlerCommons-RobotRulesParser



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