Classic i586

Package Description
sibcoin- Siberian Chervonets Wallet
sidplayfp-1.4.3-alt2.i586.rpm SID chip music module player
siege-2.72-alt1.1.i586.rpm An HTTP regression testing/benchmarking utility
sifdec-2.0.0-alt2.svn20130216.i586.rpm Decoder for translating SIF into Fortran 77 and data files
signon-8.59-alt1.S1.i586.rpm Accounts framework for Linux and POSIX based platforms
signon-common-8.59-alt1.S1.i586.rpm signon common package
signon-devel-8.59-alt1.S1.i586.rpm Development files for signon
signon-glib-devel-1.14-alt1.S1.i586.rpm Development files for signon-glib
signon-plugin-oauth2-0.24-alt1.S1.i586.rpm OAuth2 plugin for the Accounts framework
signon-plugin-oauth2-devel-0.24-alt1.S1.i586.rpm Development files for signon-plugin-oauth2
signon-ui-0.17-alt0.7.S1.i586.rpm Online Accounts Sign-on Ui
sigrok-cli-0.7.1-alt1.i586.rpm sigrok -- signal analysis software suite
silver-searcher-2.2.0-alt1.i586.rpm A code searching tool similar to ack, with a focus on speed
simarrange-0.0-alt3.git0f1fbef.i586.rpm STL 2D plate packer with collision simulation
simh-3.9.0-alt0.1.i586.rpm A highly portable, multi-system emulator
simple-mtpfs-0.1-alt2.i586.rpm Fuse-based MTP driver
simple-scan-3.30.2-alt1.i586.rpm Simple scanning utility
simplemon-0.2-alt1.i586.rpm Simple script for monitoring param
simpleproxy-3.4-alt1.qa1.i586.rpm Simple TCP/IP proxy
simplescreenrecorder-0.3.11-alt1.i586.rpm Simple Screen Recording with OpenGL capture
simutrans- Transport and Economic Simulation Game
sipcalc-1.1.5-alt1.qa1.i586.rpm Advanced console-based ip subnet calculator
sipsak-0.9.6-alt2.1.i586.rpm CLI tool for SIP developers and administrators
sirikali-1.3.7-alt1.i586.rpm A Qt/C++ GUI front end to ecryptfs-simple,cryfs,gocryptfs,securefs and encfs
sispmctl-3.1-alt2.qa1.i586.rpm GEMBIRD Silver Shield PM Control
sixel-utils-1.8.2-alt2.i586.rpm A SIXEL encoder/decoder implementation
sjog-cvs20040812-alt4.1.i586.rpm A program to use the "Jog Dial" on Sony Vaio Laptops
skanlite-1.1-alt2.i586.rpm Image scanning application
skippy-0.5.0-alt2.qa1.i586.rpm Full-screen task-switcher
skippy-xd-0.5-alt1.git20131106.i586.rpm Full-screen task-switcher for X11
skipstone-1.0.1-alt2.i586.rpm Simple WebKit-based web browser
skomoroh-1.0-alt1.1.i586.rpm Skomoroh is GUI for Speech Systems
skopeo-0.1.34-alt1.i586.rpm skopeo is a command line utility that performs various operations on container images and image repositories
skrooge-2.17.0-alt1.i586.rpm Personal finances manager for KF5
sks-1.1.6-alt2.i586.rpm Synchronizing Key Server
skypack-examples-04.00-alt6.i586.rpm Examples for SKYPACK
skype-call-recorder-0.10-alt1.1.i586.rpm Recording tool for Skype Calls
skype-preinstall-1.0-alt2.i586.rpm Compatible layer for install official Skype package for OpenSUSE
skype-userinstall- Skype pre-installation scripts
slang2-slsh-2.3.2-alt1.i586.rpm S-Lang shell
slashem-0.0.8-alt2_0.23.E0F1.i586.rpm Super Lotsa Added Stuff Hack - Extended Magic
sleuthkit-4.6.5-alt1.i586.rpm The Sleuth Kit
slic3r-1.3.0-alt2_6.i586.rpm G-code generator for 3D printers (RepRap, Makerbot, Ultimaker etc.)
slick-greeter-1.2.4-alt1.i586.rpm A slick-looking LightDM greeter
slim-1.3.6-alt2.i586.rpm SLiM is a graphical, desktop-independent login manager for X11
slocate-0.2.16-alt2.i586.rpm Finds files on a system via central file name database
sloccount-2.26-alt2.i586.rpm Measures source lines of code (SLOC) in programs
slock-1.4-alt3.i586.rpm Simple X display locker
slop-7.4-alt1.i586.rpm slop (Select Operation) is an application that queries for a selection from the user and prints the region to stdout
slowhttptest-1.7-alt1.i586.rpm SlowHTTPTest is a highly configurable tool that simulates some Application Layer Denial of Service attacks
slsnif-0.4.4-alt1.1.qa1.i586.rpm slsnif is a serial line sniffer
smack-utils-1.3.1-alt1.i586.rpm Utils for Simplified Mandatory Access Control Kernel
smack-utils-devel-1.3.1-alt1.i586.rpm devel files for SMACK
smartmontools-7.0-alt1.i586.rpm Control and monitor storage systems using S.M.A.R.T
smbios-utils-2.4.1-alt2.i586.rpm Binary utilities that use libsmbios
smcroute-0.94.1-alt2.qa1.i586.rpm Static Multicast Routing Daemon
smem-1.5-alt1.i586.rpm Report application memory usage in a meaningful way
smi-tools-0.4.8-alt2.2.i586.rpm LibSMI tools
smile-1.0-alt0.2.qa1.i586.rpm Slideshow Maker In Linux Environment
smjoin-0.31-alt1.i586.rpm Tools for the multicast tests (ASM or SSM)
smokegen-devel-4.14.1-alt2.i586.rpm Header files for Smoke Generator
smokeqt-devel-4.14.0-alt6.i586.rpm Development files for smokeqt
smpeg-player-0.4.5-alt2.svn20120121.i586.rpm Simple MPEG player baed on smpeg library
smpeg2-2.0.0-alt4.i586.rpm SDL MPEG Player Library
smplayer-18.9.0-alt1.9113.i586.rpm A great MPlayer/MPV front-end (QT4)
smproxy-1.0.6-alt1.i586.rpm Session Manager Proxy
smstools-3.1.14-alt1.i586.rpm SMS Gateway software which can send and receive short messages through GSM modems and mobile phones
smtptrapd-1.4-alt1.qa1.i586.rpm a SMTP daemon that always returns a 4xx soft error
smtube-18.1.0-alt1.i586.rpm Youtube Browser for SMPlayer
snappy-java- Fast compressor/decompresser
snes9x-cli-1.55-alt1.S1.i586.rpm Super Nintendo Entertainment System emulator - CLI version
snes9x-gtk-1.55-alt1.S1.i586.rpm Super Nintendo Entertainment System emulator - GTK version
sngrep-1.4.2-alt1.S1.i586.rpm sngrep is a tool for displaying SIP calls message flows from terminal
sni-qt4-0.2.7-alt0.1.i586.rpm Plugin for Qt4 that turns QSystemTrayIcons into status notifiers
sniffit-0.3.7-alt4.i586.rpm Program for demonstrating the unsafeness of TCP
snobol-4.1.5-alt2.qa1.i586.rpm The SNOBOL programming language
snoopy-2.4.6-alt1.i586.rpm User monitoring and command logging
snort- An intrusion detection system
snort-inline+flexresp- Snort with IPTables and FlexibleResponse support
snort-inline- Snort with IPTables support
snort-plain+flexresp- Snort (plain) with Flexible Response
snowlist-1.0.2-alt2.i586.rpm Mail and mailing lists to RSS gateway
socat- 'socket cat' - multipurpose relay for bidirectional data transfer
socat2-2.0.0-alt6.i586.rpm 'socket cat' - multipurpose relay for bidirectional data transfer
socket_wrapper-1.2.1-alt1.i586.rpm A library passing all socket communications through Unix sockets
sofia-sip-utils-1.12.11-alt2.1.qa1.i586.rpm Sofia-SIP Command Line Utilities
softgun-0.22-alt1.i586.rpm ARM Board Emulator
softhsm-2.5.0-alt1.i586.rpm Software version of a PKCS#11 Hardware Security Module
sogo-4.0.5-alt1.i586.rpm SOGo is a very fast and scalable modern collaboration suite (groupware)
sogo-activesync-4.0.5-alt1.i586.rpm SOGo module to handle ActiveSync requests
sogo-apache2-4.0.5-alt1.i586.rpm SOGo configuration for Apache2
sogo-devel-4.0.5-alt1.i586.rpm Development headers and libraries for SOGo
sogo-ealarms-notify-4.0.5-alt1.i586.rpm SOGo utility for executing email alarms
sogo-slapd-sockd-4.0.5-alt1.i586.rpm SOGo backend for slapd and back-sock
sogo-tool-4.0.5-alt1.i586.rpm Command-line toolsuite for SOGo
solvespace-2.3-alt1.qa1.i586.rpm SolveSpace parametric 2d/3d CAD
somagic-easycap-tools-1.0-alt2.i586.rpm Somagic EasyCAP tools
somagic-easycap-userspace-1.0-alt2.i586.rpm Somagic EasyCAP tools
sonic-annotator-1.0-alt1.hg20140426.1.i586.rpm A batch tool for audio feature extraction
sonic-vector-0.1-alt1.hg20140909.1.i586.rpm Application for showing comparative alignments of audio recordings
sonic-visualiser-3.2.1-alt1.i586.rpm Application for viewing and analysing the contents of music audio files
sope-cards-4.0.5-alt1.i586.rpm SOPE versit parsing library for iCal and VCard formats
sope-cards-devel-4.0.5-alt1.i586.rpm SOPE versit parsing library for iCal and VCard formats
sope-gdl1-contentstore-4.0.5-alt1.i586.rpm Storage backend for folder abstraction
sope-gdl1-contentstore-devel-4.0.5-alt1.i586.rpm Development files for the GNUstep database libraries
sope-gdl1-mysql-4.0.5-alt1.i586.rpm MySQL connector for SOPE's fork of the GNUstep database environment
sope-gdl1-postgresql-4.0.5-alt1.i586.rpm PostgreSQL connector for SOPE's fork of the GNUstep database environment
sound-juicer-3.24.0-alt1.i586.rpm Clean and lean CD ripper
soundconverter-3.0.1-alt1.20190207.i586.rpm A simple sound converter application for GNOME
soundfont-utils-0.4-alt1_26.i586.rpm Utilities for converting from / to various soundfont formats
soundtracker-0.6.8-alt6.i586.rpm Sound modules editor/player
source-highlight-3.1.8-alt6.S1.i586.rpm syntax highlighting for source documents
sowing-1.1.25-alt1.i586.rpm The program development and maintenance environment
sox-14.4.2-alt2.i586.rpm A general purpose sound file conversion tool
sox-base-14.4.2-alt2.i586.rpm A general purpose sound file conversion tool
sp-5.2.1-alt22.i586.rpm School Portal
spacefm-1.0.6-alt2.i586.rpm Multi-panel tabbed file and desktop manager
spai-3.2-alt7.i586.rpm SParse Approximate Inverse Preconditioner
spamassassin-3.4.2-alt1.i586.rpm Spam filter for email written in perl
spamassassin-spamc-3.4.2-alt1.i586.rpm spamc - client for spamd
sparskit-2.0-alt8.i586.rpm A basic tool-kit for sparse matrix computations (Version 2)
spatialindex-1.8.5-alt1_7.i586.rpm Spatial index library
spatialindex-devel-1.8.5-alt1_7.i586.rpm Development files for spatialindex
spatialite-gui-1.7.1-alt1.i586.rpm GUI to manage Spatialite databases
spatialite-tools-4.3.0-alt2.i586.rpm A set of useful CLI tools for SpatiaLite
spawn-fcgi-1.6.4-alt2.S1.i586.rpm spawn FastCGI applications
spectrum-fuse-1.5.7-alt1.i586.rpm The Free Unix Spectrum Emulator
spectrum-fuse-utils-1.5.7-alt1.i586.rpm Utils for the the Free Unix Spectrum Emulator
speech-dispatcher-0.8.8-alt2.i586.rpm A speech output processing service
speech-dispatcher-module-festival-0.8.8-alt2.i586.rpm Festival support for speech-dispatcher
speech-dispatcher-module-flite-0.8.8-alt2.i586.rpm Flite support for speech-dispatcher
speech-dispatcher-module-pico-0.8.8-alt2.i586.rpm Pico support for speech-dispatcher
speech-dispatcher-utils-0.8.8-alt2.i586.rpm Various utilities for speech-dispatcher
speech_tools-2.0.95-alt6.i586.rpm Edinburgh Speech Tools - user binaries
speedcrunch-0.12-alt1.i586.rpm A fast power user calculator
speex-1.2-alt1.i586.rpm An open-source, patent-free speech codec
spek-0.8.3-alt3.i586.rpm Acoustic Spectrum Analyser
speyes-1.2.0-alt6.qa1.i586.rpm speyes - Eyes for South Park fans
sphinx-2.2.11-alt6.S1.i586.rpm Free open-source SQL full-text search engine
sphinxbase-0.8-alt1.i586.rpm Base files of CMU Sphinx Recognition System
spice-ec-1.0.1-alt1.S1.i586.rpm Spice Easy Connect
spice-up-1.7.0-alt1.i586.rpm Desktop presentation application
spice-vdagent-0.18.0-alt1.S1.i586.rpm Agent for Spice guests
spice-webdavd-2.2-alt1.i586.rpm Spice daemon for the DAV channel
spirv-tools-2018.2-alt1.S1.i586.rpm API and commands for processing SPIR-V modules
spl-utils-0.7.12-alt2.i586.rpm Solaris Porting Layer (SPL)
splint-3.1.2-alt2.qa1.i586.rpm Secure Programming Lint - annotation-assisted static program checker
splitvt-1.6.6_6-alt1.qa1.i586.rpm Splitvt splits console or shell screen to sections in which you can start different shells
spread-sheet-widget-0.3-alt1.i586.rpm Library for Gtk+ which provides a widget for viewing and manipulating 2 dimensional tabular data
spreed-webrtc-0.29.6-alt1.i586.rpm A WebRTC audio/video call and conferencing server
springlobby-0.195-alt2_17.i586.rpm A lobby client for the spring RTS game engine
springrts-104.0-alt2.i586.rpm Real time strategy game engine with many mods
sprng-4.4-alt2.i586.rpm The Scalable Parallel Random Number Generators Library
sprng1-1.0-alt7.i586.rpm The Scalable Parallel Random Number Generators Library
sprng1-examples-1.0-alt7.i586.rpm Examples for SPRNG
spt7-test-scripts-1.4-alt1.i586.rpm Test scripts for SPT7 distro
sqlcipher-4.0.1-alt1.i586.rpm AES encryption for SQLite databases
sqlcipher-tcl-4.0.1-alt1.i586.rpm Tcl module for the sqlite3 embeddable SQL database engine
sqlite-2.8.17-alt2.4.i586.rpm An Embeddable SQL Database Engine, version 2
sqlite-jdbc-3.15.1-alt1_6jpp8.i586.rpm SQLite JDBC library
sqlite-tcl-2.8.17-alt2.4.i586.rpm An Embeddable SQL Database Engine, version 2 (Tcl bindings)
sqlite3-3.26.0-alt2.i586.rpm An Embeddable SQL Database Engine
sqlite3-pcre-0.1-alt1.qa1.i586.rpm Perl-compatible regular expression support for the SQLite
sqlite3-ruby-1.3.13-alt2.6.i586.rpm A Ruby interface for the SQLite database engine
sqlite3-tcl-3.26.0-alt2.i586.rpm An Embeddable SQL Database Engine (TCL bindings)
sqlitebrowser-3.10.1-alt1.i586.rpm Official home of the DB Browser for SQLite (DB4S) project
sqliteman-1.2.2-alt1.qa7.i586.rpm Lightweigth but powerfull Sqlite3 manager
sqliteodbc-0.9996-alt1.i586.rpm ODBC driver for SQLite
sqsh- SQL Shell. It is intended as a replacement for the Sybase 'isql'
squashfs-tools-4.3-alt3.e38956b.i586.rpm squashfs support
squeak-vm- The Squeak virtual machine
squid-4.5-alt2.i586.rpm The Squid proxy caching server
squid-conf-host2cat-1.01-alt6.i586.rpm adapted squid config
squid-helpers-4.5-alt2.i586.rpm Squid helpers
squid-kerberos-ldap-helper-1.2.2-alt1.1.i586.rpm Squid proxy server plugin for the SASL/GSSAPI authentication to an ldap server
squidGuard-1.4-alt1.qa1.i586.rpm Filter, redirector and access controller plugin for squid
squidclam-0.23-alt1.i586.rpm Redirect program for squid antivirus scanning
squidmill-2.6-alt3.i586.rpm Squid proxy server access log collector with rounding support
squidview-0.86-alt1.i586.rpm console program to monitor and display Squid logs
sreadahead-1.0-alt1.qa1.i586.rpm Super Read Ahead
srecord-1.64-alt1.i586.rpm srecord programs
srecord-devel-1.64-alt1.i586.rpm srecord development files
sredird-2.2.2-alt2.qa1.i586.rpm RFC 2217-compliant serial port redirector
srm-1.2.14-alt1.i586.rpm srm (secure rm) is a command-line compatible rm(1) which overwrites file contents before unlinking
srp_daemon-22-alt2.i586.rpm Tools for using the InfiniBand SRP protocol devices
ssdeep-2.13-alt1.i586.rpm Context Triggered Piecewise Hashing values
sshpass-1.05-alt1.i586.rpm Non-interactive ssh password auth
sshutout-1.0.6-alt2.i586.rpm Stop SSH dictionary attacks
sslh-1.20-alt1.i586.rpm A ssl/ssh multiplexer
ssmping-0.9.1-alt1.i586.rpm Tools for SSM (source-specific multicast) testing
ssmtp-2.64-alt3.1.i586.rpm ssmtp - extremely simple MTA to get mail off the system to a mail hub
ssmtp-common-2.64-alt3.1.i586.rpm ssmtp - common files
ssmtp-docs-2.64-alt3.1.i586.rpm ssmtp documentation
ssmtp-ssl-2.64-alt3.1.i586.rpm ssmtp - extremely simple MTA to get mail off the system to a mail hub
sssd-2.0.0-alt3.gitf0603645f.i586.rpm System Security Services Daemon
sssd-ad-2.0.0-alt3.gitf0603645f.i586.rpm The AD back end of the SSSD
sssd-client-2.0.0-alt3.gitf0603645f.i586.rpm SSSD Client libraries for NSS and PAM
sssd-dbus-2.0.0-alt3.gitf0603645f.i586.rpm The D-Bus responder of the SSSD
sssd-ipa-2.0.0-alt3.gitf0603645f.i586.rpm The IPA back end of the SSSD
sssd-kcm-2.0.0-alt3.gitf0603645f.i586.rpm The SSSD Kerberos credentials manager
sssd-krb5-2.0.0-alt3.gitf0603645f.i586.rpm The Kerberos authentication back end for the SSSD
sssd-krb5-common-2.0.0-alt3.gitf0603645f.i586.rpm SSSD helpers needed for Kerberos and GSSAPI authentication
sssd-ldap-2.0.0-alt3.gitf0603645f.i586.rpm The LDAP back end of the SSSD
sssd-nfs-idmap-2.0.0-alt3.gitf0603645f.i586.rpm SSSD plug-in for NFSv4 rpc.idmapd
sssd-pac-2.0.0-alt3.gitf0603645f.i586.rpm Common files needed for supporting PAC processing
sssd-proxy-2.0.0-alt3.gitf0603645f.i586.rpm The proxy back end of the SSSD
sssd-tools-2.0.0-alt3.gitf0603645f.i586.rpm Userspace tools for use with the SSSD
sssd-winbind-idmap-2.0.0-alt3.gitf0603645f.i586.rpm SSSD's idmap_sss Backend for Winbind
sstp-client-1.0.12-alt1.i586.rpm Secure Socket Tunneling Protocol (SSTP) Client
st-0.7-alt1.i586.rpm A simple terminal implementation for X
st-user-0.7-alt1.i586.rpm Sources and tools for user configuration of st
stalonetray-0.8.3-alt1.i586.rpm STand Alone TRAY (notification area) implementation
star-1.5.1-alt2.qa1.i586.rpm A very fast, POSIX compliant tape archiver
star-rmt-1.5.1-alt2.qa1.i586.rpm Schily SING version of the rmt
stardict-3.0.6-alt1.i586.rpm StarDict dictionary
stardict-plugin-espeak-3.0.6-alt1.i586.rpm Espeak plugin
stardict-plugin-gucharmap-3.0.6-alt1.i586.rpm Gucharmap plugin
stardict-plugin-spell-3.0.6-alt1.i586.rpm Spell plugin
stardict-tools-3.0.6-alt1.i586.rpm Tools for making dictionary files for stardict
starfighter-1.7-alt2.i586.rpm Starfighter is an old school 2D shoot'em up
stargazer-2.407.cvs20100811-alt6.i586.rpm Stargazer billing system
stargazer-mod_auth_ao-2.407.cvs20100811-alt6.i586.rpm Stargazer's plugin for AlwaysOnline authorization mode
stargazer-mod_auth_ia-2.407.cvs20100811-alt6.i586.rpm Stargazer's plugin for InetAccess authorization
stargazer-mod_cap_ether-2.407.cvs20100811-alt6.i586.rpm Stargazer's plugin for traffic capturing via raw sockets
stargazer-mod_cap_nf-2.407.cvs20100811-alt6.i586.rpm Stargazer's plugin for traffic capturing via NetFlow protocol
stargazer-mod_conf_sg-2.407.cvs20100811-alt6.i586.rpm Stargazer's plugin for remote system configuration using GUI or CLI configuration utility
stargazer-mod_ping-2.407.cvs20100811-alt6.i586.rpm Stargazer's plugin for regular pinging online users
stargazer-mod_radius-2.407.cvs20100811-alt6.i586.rpm Stargazer's plugin for working with FreeRADIUS as a back-end
stargazer-mod_remote_script-2.407.cvs20100811-alt6.i586.rpm Strgazer's plugin to communicate with remote script executor
stargazer-mod_store_files-2.407.cvs20100811-alt6.i586.rpm Stargazer filesystem storage plugin
stargazer-mod_store_firebird-2.407.cvs20100811-alt6.i586.rpm Stargazer Firebird/Interbase storage plugin
stargazer-mod_store_mysql-2.407.cvs20100811-alt6.i586.rpm Stargazer MySQL storage plugin
stargazer-mod_store_postgresql-2.407.cvs20100811-alt6.i586.rpm Stargazer PostgreSQL storage plugin
stargazer-rscriptd-2.407.cvs20100811-alt6.i586.rpm Stargazer remote script executer server
stargazer-sgauth-2.407.cvs20100811-alt6.i586.rpm Console authorization utility for the Stargazer billing system
stargazer-sgconf-2.407.cvs20100811-alt6.i586.rpm Console configuration utility for the Stargazer billing syste
startup-rescue-0.31-alt1.i586.rpm The system startup scripts for rescue disk
statifier-1.7.4-alt1.i586.rpm Convert dynamically-linked ELF binaries to "pseudo-static" binaries
statserial-1.1-alt3.i586.rpm A tool which displays the status of serial port modem lines
steam- Launcher for the Steam software distribution service
stegdetect-0.6-alt3.qa1.i586.rpm Detect and extract steganography messages inside JPEG
steghide-0.5.1-alt6.i586.rpm A steganography program
stellarium-0.18.3-alt2.i586.rpm Astronomical Sky Simulator
stereograph-0.30a-alt2.i586.rpm Stereogram generator
stk-4.5.0-alt1.1.i586.rpm C++ classes for audio digital signal processing
stklos-0.98-alt3.1.i586.rpm STklos is a free Scheme System
stlink-2018.04.18-alt2.qa1.i586.rpm STM32 microcontrolles programmer and debuger, using STLINKv1/v2
stm32flash-0.5-alt1.1.i586.rpm Flash Program for the STM32 Bootloader
stmpclean-0.3-alt5.i586.rpm A safe temporary directory cleaner
stoken-cli-0.92-alt1.i586.rpm Command line tool for stoken