Classic i586

Package Description
stlink-2018.04.18-alt2.qa1.i586.rpm STM32 microcontrolles programmer and debuger, using STLINKv1/v2
stm32flash-0.5-alt1.1.i586.rpm Flash Program for the STM32 Bootloader
stmpclean-0.3-alt5.i586.rpm A safe temporary directory cleaner
stoken-cli-0.92-alt1.i586.rpm Command line tool for stoken
stoken-gui-0.92-alt1.i586.rpm Graphical interface program for stoken
stone_soup-0.21.1-alt1.i586.rpm Roguelike with tiled and ascii interfaces
stone_soup-ncurses-0.21.1-alt1.i586.rpm Console version of stone_soup, Roguelike with tiled and ascii interfaces
strace-4.26-alt1.i586.rpm Tracks and displays system calls associated with a running process
stream-mem-5.8-alt2.qa1.i586.rpm STREAM: Sustainable Memory Bandwidth in High Performance Computers
streamripper-1.64.6-alt1.i586.rpm A tool to rip shoutcast radio streams to mp3/ogg/aac files
streebog-0.11-alt3.git8de633e.i586.rpm GOST R 34.11-2012: Streebog Hash Function
stress-1.0.4-alt2.i586.rpm A tool which imposes a configurable amount of load on your system
stress-ng-0.09.36-alt2.i586.rpm Stress test a computer system in various ways
stressitout-0.1-alt1.20120625.i586.rpm StressItOut is a hardware stressing and testing program
strigi-0.7.8-alt8.i586.rpm The fastest and smallest desktop searching program
strongswan-5.7.2-alt1.i586.rpm strongSwan IPsec implementation
structuresynth-1.5.0-alt2.svn312.i586.rpm Application for generating 3D structures by specifying a design grammar
stunnel4-5.49-alt1.i586.rpm Universal SSL tunnel
stunnel4-inetd-5.49-alt1.i586.rpm stunnel acts as inetd service
stunnel4-standalone-5.49-alt1.i586.rpm stunnel acts as standalone server
stylewriter- Non-MacOS StyleWriter driver
su-0.60-alt35.i586.rpm Assume a user's identity
su-exec-0.2-alt1.i586.rpm switch user and group id and exec
subtitleeditor-0.54.0-alt1.i586.rpm Graphical subtitle editor with sound waves representation
subtitleripper-1.1.7-alt11.S1.i586.rpm DVD subtitles ripper/converter
subversion-1.9.2-alt3.3.i586.rpm A version control system
subversion-javahl-1.9.2-alt3.3.i586.rpm JavaHL bindings for Subversion
subversion-perl-1.9.2-alt3.3.i586.rpm Perl bindings for Subversion
subversion-python-1.9.2-alt3.3.i586.rpm Pyhton bindings for Subversion
subversion-server-common-1.9.2-alt3.3.i586.rpm Common files required to maintain subversion server
subversion-server-dav-1.9.2-alt3.3.i586.rpm Subversion server module for Apache
subvertpy-fast-export-0.9.3-alt1.i586.rpm Generate fastexport stream from a Subversion repository
suck-4.3.2-alt5.1.i586.rpm download news from remote NNTP server
sudo-1.8.26-alt1.i586.rpm Allows command execution as another user
sudoku-savant-1.3-alt2_20.i586.rpm Solve and generate sudoku puzzles through logical means
suite3270-3.5ga11-alt2.1.i586.rpm Terminal emulation 3270
summain-0.20-alt1.i586.rpm File manifest generator
sunxi-tools-1.5-alt0.1.i586.rpm Tools for use with Allwinner SoC based devices
superlu4.0-4.3-alt8.i586.rpm A set of subroutines to solve a sparse linear system A*X=B
superlu_dist-examples-3.3-alt3.i586.rpm Examples of using SuperLU_DIST
supertux2-0.6.0-alt2.1.i586.rpm Classic 2D jump'n run sidescroller game in a Super Mario style
supertuxkart-0.9.3git20181210-alt1.i586.rpm SuperTuxKart is a kart racing game
suricata-4.0.3-alt1.S1.i586.rpm Intrusion Detection System
sushi-3.30.0-alt1.i586.rpm A quick previewer for Nautilus
suspend-utils-1.0-alt1.git668c5f7.i586.rpm A Set Of Tools To Support Sleep Modes
sven-0.6-alt2.1.qa2.i586.rpm Sven - multimedia keyboard daemon
sven-devel-0.6-alt2.1.qa2.i586.rpm development files for sven
svg-cleaner-0.2-alt2.i586.rpm Batch, tunable, crossplatform SVG cleaning program
svgalib-1.9.25-alt2.4.i586.rpm Library for full screen [S]VGA graphics
svgalib-devel-1.9.25-alt2.4.i586.rpm Development libraries and include files for [S]VGA graphics
svgalib-utils-1.9.25-alt2.4.i586.rpm Various utils for using with svgalib
svox-pico-20120212-alt2.i586.rpm Text-To-Speech engine from Android project
sway-0.15.2-alt1.i586.rpm i3wm drop-in replacement for Wayland
swftools-0.9.2-alt3.i586.rpm A collection of SWF manipulation and generation utilities
swi-prolog-7.4.2-alt2_3.1.i586.rpm Prolog interpreter and compiler
swi-prolog-doc-7.4.2-alt2_3.1.i586.rpm Documentation for swi-prolog
swi-prolog-java-7.4.2-alt2_3.1.i586.rpm Java interface for swi-prolog
swi-prolog-nox-7.4.2-alt2_3.1.i586.rpm SWI-Prolog without GUI components
swi-prolog-odbc-7.4.2-alt2_3.1.i586.rpm ODBC interface for swi-prolog
swi-prolog-x-7.4.2-alt2_3.1.i586.rpm swi-prolog native GUI library
swig-3.0.12-alt6.i586.rpm Simplified Wrapper and Interface Generator (SWIG)
switchboard-2.3.4-alt1.i586.rpm Modular Desktop Settings Hub for elementary OS
sword-1.8.1-alt3.i586.rpm The SWORD Project framework for manipulating Bible texts
sxiv-1.32-alt1.i586.rpm Simple X Image Viewer
sylpheed-3.7.0-alt0.4.i586.rpm a GTK+ based, lightweight, and fast e-mail client
sylpheed-devel-3.7.0-alt0.4.i586.rpm Development files for sylpheed
symlinks-1.4-alt1.1.i586.rpm A utility which maintains a system's symbolic links
synaesthesia-2.4-alt1.qa1.i586.rpm This program visualizes audio input
synaptic-0.58-alt21.i586.rpm Graphical front-end for APT
syncthing-1.0.1-alt1.i586.rpm FOSS Continuous File Synchronisation
syncthing-cli-0.1-alt1.20150923.1.i586.rpm The Syncthing command line interface
syncthing-inotify-0.8-alt1.i586.rpm File watcher intended for use with Syncthing
synergy-2.0.0-alt1.1.i586.rpm Mouse and keyboard sharing utility
synfigstudio-1.3.10-alt1.i586.rpm Synfig studio - animation program
synkron-1.6.2-alt1.i586.rpm Is a simple Qt application that allows you to sync folders
sysbench-0.4.12-alt2.i586.rpm A system performance benchmark
sysdig-0.23.1-alt1.i586.rpm A system exploration and troubleshooting tool
sysfsutils-2.1.0-alt8.i586.rpm Utility suite to enjoy sysfs
syslinux-4.04-alt14.i586.rpm Simple kernel loader which boots from a FAT filesystem
syslinux-extlinux-4.04-alt14.i586.rpm The EXTLINUX bootloader, for booting the local system
syslinux1-1.62-alt4.1.qa1.i586.rpm Simple kernel loader which boots from a FAT filesystem
syslog-ng-3.18.1-alt1.i586.rpm syslog-ng daemon
syslog-ng-devel-3.18.1-alt1.i586.rpm Development files for syslog-ng
syslog-ng-geoip-3.18.1-alt1.i586.rpm GeoIP support for syslog-ng
syslog-ng-http-3.18.1-alt1.i586.rpm http support for syslog-ng
syslog-ng-journal-3.18.1-alt1.i586.rpm Systemd journal support for syslog-ng
syslog-ng-json-3.18.1-alt1.i586.rpm JSON support for syslog-ng
syslog-ng-libdbi-3.18.1-alt1.i586.rpm libdbi support for syslog-ng
syslog-ng-mongodb-3.18.1-alt1.i586.rpm mongodb support for syslog-ng
syslog-ng-python-3.18.1-alt1.i586.rpm Python destination support for syslog-ng
syslog-ng-smtp-3.18.1-alt1.i586.rpm SMTP destination support for syslog-ng
sysprof-3.30.2-alt1.i586.rpm Sysprof kernel based performance profiler for Linux
sysprof-devel-3.30.2-alt1.i586.rpm Development files for GtkHex
sysstat-12.0.3-alt1.i586.rpm The sar and iostat system monitoring commands
system-config-audit-0.4.21-alt1.i586.rpm Utility for editing audit configuration
system-config-printer-1.5.11-alt5.qa1.i586.rpm A printer administration tool
system-config-printer-lib-1.5.11-alt5.qa1.i586.rpm Libraries and share for printer tools
system-config-printer-udev-1.5.11-alt5.qa1.i586.rpm Rules for udev for automatic configuration of USB printers
systemd-240-alt4.i586.rpm System and Session Manager
systemd-analyze-240-alt4.i586.rpm Analyze tool for systemd
systemd-container-240-alt4.i586.rpm Tools for containers and VMs
systemd-coredump-240-alt4.i586.rpm systemd-coredump and coredumpctl utils
systemd-journal-remote-240-alt4.i586.rpm Journal Gateway Daemon
systemd-networkd-240-alt4.i586.rpm System service that manages networks
systemd-portable-240-alt4.i586.rpm Tools for Portable Services
systemd-services-240-alt4.i586.rpm systemd services
systemd-shim-10-alt1.i586.rpm shim for systemd
systemd-stateless-240-alt4.i586.rpm systems that boot up with an empty /etc directory
systemd-timesyncd-240-alt4.i586.rpm Network Time Synchronization
systemd-utils-240-alt4.i586.rpm systemd utils
sysvinit-2.88-alt5.i586.rpm Programs which control basic system processes
sysvinit-initramfs-2.88-alt5.i586.rpm Init for initramfs
sysvinit-utils-2.88-alt5.i586.rpm Commonly used utilites from sysvinit
t1lib-5.1.2-alt5.1.i586.rpm Type 1 font rasterizer
t1lib-devel-5.1.2-alt5.1.i586.rpm Type 1 font rasterizer development files
t1lib-utils-5.1.2-alt5.1.i586.rpm Utilities for manipulating Type 1 fonts
t1lib-x-5.1.2-alt5.1.i586.rpm Type 1 font rasterizer X.Org libraries
t1utils-1.41-alt1.i586.rpm Programs for manipulating type1 fonts
t4k_common-0.1.1-alt2_17.i586.rpm Library for Tux4Kids applications
t4k_common-devel-0.1.1-alt2_17.i586.rpm Development files for the Tux4Kids library
t50-5.5-alt1.i586.rpm the fatest network packet injector
tabbed-0.6-alt1.i586.rpm simple generic tabbed fronted to xembed aware applications
tac_plus- TACACS+ server based on Cisco engineering release
tac_plus-devel- TAC Plus development files
tacix-0.1.1-alt2.gf1da751.1.i586.rpm TaciX
tacix-applet-gtk-0.1.1-alt2.gf1da751.1.i586.rpm TaciX applet
tacix-client-0.1.1-alt2.gf1da751.1.i586.rpm TaciX client
tacix-freenx-0.1.1-alt2.gf1da751.1.i586.rpm TaciX FreeNX compatibility layer
tacix-manager-0.1.1-alt2.gf1da751.1.i586.rpm TaciX manager
taler- Taler - first Belarus cryptocurrency
talkfilters-2.3.8-alt2.qa1.1.i586.rpm GNU Talk filters
tang-7-alt2.i586.rpm Tang binding daemon
tano-1.2.1-alt1.i586.rpm An open IP TV player
tapioca-glib- A framework for Voice over IP (VoIP) and Instant Messaging (IM)
tapioca-glib-devel- Development libraries and header files for tapioca-glib
tapioca-glib-devel-doc- Development documentation files for tapioca-glib
tar-1.31-alt1.i586.rpm A GNU file archiving program
tardy-1.17-alt2.qa1.i586.rpm a tar post-processor
task-2.5.1-alt2.i586.rpm A command-line todo list manager
task-auth-ad-sssd-0.37-alt1.i586.rpm Metapackage to authenticate in Active Directory domain by sssd
task-auth-ad-winbind-0.37-alt1.i586.rpm Metapackage to authenticate in Active Directory domain by winbind
task-auth-freeipa-0.37-alt1.i586.rpm Metapackage to authenticate in FreeIPA domain
task-core-2.5.1-alt2.i586.rpm Core distribution of taskwarrior
task-sogo-4.0.5-alt1.i586.rpm SOGo is a groupware server (version 3.x)
tasksh-1.0.0-alt3.i586.rpm Shell for taskwarrior
tatham-puzzles-20180227-alt1.i586.rpm A collection of small one-player puzzle games
tatham-puzzles-solvers-20180227-alt1.i586.rpm Stand-alone solvers for some of the tatham-puzzles puzzles
taucs-2.2-alt11.i586.rpm C library of sparse linear solvers
tbb-devel-2019-alt1.u2.i586.rpm Development libraries and headers of Threading Building Blocks
tcb-utils- tcb utilities
tcc-0.9.27-alt1.i586.rpm A small but hyper fast C compiler
tcl-8.6.8-alt1.i586.rpm A Tool Command Language (TCL)
tcl-blt-2.5.3-alt1.i586.rpm A Tk toolkit extension, including widgets, geometry managers etc
tcl-blt-devel-2.5.3-alt1.i586.rpm development files for blt toolkit
tcl-devel-8.6.8-alt1.i586.rpm Header files and C programming manual for TCL
tcl-dom-core-3.1-alt3.qa1.i586.rpm A front-end interface and generic DOM implementation for Tcl
tcl-dom-devel-3.1-alt3.qa1.i586.rpm Header files for tcl-dom
tcl-dom-libxml2-3.1-alt3.qa1.i586.rpm A libxml2-based DOM implementation for Tcl
tcl-dp-4.0b2-alt3.i586.rpm The package provides UDP, TCP, IP-multicast, and RPC for Tcl
tcl-gpg-1.0-alt2.qa1.i586.rpm A Tcl interface to GNU Privacy Guard
tcl-httpd-core-3.5.1-alt1.qa2.i586.rpm A core of tcl implementation of a Web server
tcl-httpd-extra-3.5.1-alt1.qa2.i586.rpm Compiled addons to a tclhttpd
tcl-httpd-manual-3.5.1-alt1.qa2.i586.rpm A tclhttpd documentation
tcl-httpd-server-3.5.1-alt1.qa2.i586.rpm A standalone tclhttpd server
tcl-img-1.4.2-alt1.i586.rpm Tcl Image Formats (Img)
tcl-incrtcl4-4.0.5-alt1.i586.rpm [Incr Tcl] is an object-oriented extension of the Tcl language
tcl-incrtcl4-devel-4.0.5-alt1.i586.rpm Header files and C programming manual for [Incr Tcl]
tcl-incrtk4-4.0.2-alt1.i586.rpm [incr Tk] is a framework for building mega-widgets
tcl-incrtk4-devel-4.0.2-alt1.i586.rpm Header files and C programming manual for [Incr Tk]
tcl-linux-gpib-4.2.0-alt1.i586.rpm Tcl bindings for linux-gpib
tcl-memchan-2.2.1-alt3.qa1.i586.rpm A tcl extension implementing memory channels
tcl-readline-2.1.1-alt8.i586.rpm GNU readline for the Tcl scripting language
tcl-readline-devel-2.1.1-alt8.i586.rpm development files for tclreadline
tcl-snack-2.2.10-alt4.qa1.i586.rpm Snack - a sound toolkit for scripting languages
tcl-snack-demos-2.2.10-alt4.qa1.i586.rpm A collection of programs to demonstrate the features of the Snack
tcl-sound-2.2.10-alt4.qa1.i586.rpm Snack - a sound toolkit for scripting languages
tcl-syslog-2.0-alt5.1.qa1.1.i586.rpm Syslog tcl lib
tcl-tdom-0.8.3-alt0.2.i586.rpm A XML/DOM/XPath/XSLT implementation for Tcl
tcl-tdom-devel-0.8.3-alt0.2.i586.rpm A XML/DOM/XPath/XSLT implementation for Tcl - development files
tcl-thread-2.8.0-alt1.i586.rpm A tcl extension implementing memory channels
tcl-thread-devel-2.8.0-alt1.i586.rpm A tcl extension implementing memory channels - development files
tcl-tile-0.8.2-alt1.qa1.i586.rpm The Tile Widget Set
tcl-tile-demos-0.8.2-alt1.qa1.i586.rpm Demos of the Tile Widget Set
tcl-tile-devel-0.8.2-alt1.qa1.i586.rpm Headers for development with Tile Widget Set library
tcl-tile-doc-0.8.2-alt1.qa1.i586.rpm Documentation for the Tile Widget Set
tcl-tile-man-0.8.2-alt1.qa1.i586.rpm Man pages for the Tile Widget Set
tcl-tix-8.4.3-alt3.i586.rpm A set of capable widgets for Tk
tcl-tix-demos-8.4.3-alt3.i586.rpm A collection of programs to demonstrate the features of the Tix
tcl-tkXwin-1.0-alt5.i586.rpm TkXwin autoaway support for Tcl/Tk aplication
tcl-tksystray-0.2-alt2.qa1.i586.rpm FreeDesktop dock plugin for Tk apps
tcl-tktray-1.3.9-alt1.i586.rpm FreeDesktop dock plugin for Tk apps
tcl-tktreectrl-2.4.1-alt1.i586.rpm TkTreeCtrl is a multi-column hierarchical listbox widget for the Tk GUI toolkit
tcl-tls-1.7.12-alt2.1.i586.rpm A tcl extension, wich adds SSL ability to any Tcl channel
tcl-togl-1.7-alt3.i586.rpm Tk OpenGL widget
tcl-togl-devel-1.7-alt3.i586.rpm Header files for Togl
tcl-trf-2.1-alt8.i586.rpm A tcl extension called Tcl Data transformations
tcl-udp-1.0.9-alt1.qa1.i586.rpm A tcl extension, wich provides UDP sockets for Tcl
tcl-xml-core-3.1-alt4.qa1.i586.rpm A front-end interface and generic XML parser for Tcl
tcl-xml-devel-3.1-alt4.qa1.i586.rpm Header files for tcl-xml
tcl-xml-libxml2-3.1-alt4.qa1.i586.rpm A libxml2-based XML parser for Tcl
tcl-xslt-3.1-alt3.qa1.i586.rpm A Tcl wrapper for XSLT library
tcl-xslt-devel-3.1-alt3.qa1.i586.rpm Header files for tcl-xslt
tclock-1.0.1-alt5.qa1.i586.rpm Simple transparent X11 analog clock
tclx-8.4-alt7.i586.rpm Tcl extensions for POSIX systems
tclx-devel-8.4-alt7.i586.rpm Header files for tclx
tcmplex-panteltje-0.4.7-alt1.qa1.i586.rpm Audio/Video multiplexer
tcpdump-4.1.1-alt3.i586.rpm A network traffic monitoring tool
tcpflow-1.5.0-alt1.i586.rpm Network traffic recorder
tcpflow-control-1.5.0-alt1.i586.rpm Network traffic recorder control facility
tcplay-2.0-alt1.1.i586.rpm TrueCrypt implementation
tcplay-devel-2.0-alt1.1.i586.rpm Development files for libtcplay
tcpreen-1.4.4-alt1.qa1.i586.rpm TCP network re-engineering tool
tcpreplay-4.3.1-alt1.i586.rpm A tool to replay captured network traffic
tcptrace-6.6.7-alt3.qa1.i586.rpm Tool for analysis of TCP dump files
tcptraceroute-1.5-alt5.qa1.i586.rpm A traceroute implementation using TCP packets
tcptrack-1.4.2-alt2.i586.rpm A packet sniffer which displays TCP information like the 'top' command
tcputils-0.6.2-alt1.i586.rpm Utilities for TCP programming in shell-scripts
tcpxtract-1.0.1-alt1.qa1.i586.rpm Tool for extracting files from network traffic
tcsh-6.20.00-alt2.i586.rpm An enhanced version of csh, the C shell
tdb-utils-1.3.16-alt2.i586.rpm a trivial database system utils
tea-46.3.0-alt1.i586.rpm Powerful text editor with many HTML editing and text processing functions
teamd-1.28-alt1.i586.rpm Team network device control daemon
teamviewer-preinstall-11.0-alt2.i586.rpm TeamViewer pre-installation scripts
tecnoballz-0.93.1-alt1.i586.rpm A Brick Busting game
ted-2.23-alt2.i586.rpm An easy Rich Text Processor
teeworlds-0.7.0-alt1.i586.rpm Cute little buggers with guns
teeworlds-server-0.7.0-alt1.i586.rpm Teeworlds dedicated server
teg-0.11.2-alt2_42.i586.rpm Turn based strategy game
telegraf-1.9.2-alt1.i586.rpm The plugin-driven server agent for collecting and reporting metrics
telegram-cli-1.3.3-alt1.1.i586.rpm Private fast and open platform for instant messaging
telegramqml-2.0.0-alt2.i586.rpm Telegram API tools for QtQml and Qml
telepathy-accounts-signon-1.0-alt1.i586.rpm Telepathy providers for libaccounts/libsignon borrowed from Empathy
telepathy-gabble-0.18.4-alt1.i586.rpm Jabber/XMPP connection manager
telepathy-haze- a connection manager built around libpurple
telepathy-idle-0.2.0-alt1.i586.rpm A full-featured IRC connection manager
telepathy-logger-0.8.2-alt1.i586.rpm Telepathy client that logs information received by the Telepathy framework
telepathy-logger-qt4-devel-0.8.0-alt3.S1.i586.rpm Qt Wrapper around TpLogger client library
telepathy-logger-qt5-devel-17.08.0-alt1.S1.i586.rpm Qt Wrapper around TpLogger client library
telepathy-morse-0.1.0-alt1.S1.i586.rpm Morse is a Qt-based Telegram connection manager for the Telepathy framework
telepathy-qt5-devel-0.9.7-alt2.S1.i586.rpm Development libraries and header files for telepathy-qt5
telepathy-qt5-devel-static-0.9.7-alt2.S1.i586.rpm Static libraries for telepathy-qt5
telepathy-rakia-0.8.0-alt2.i586.rpm SIP connection manager for the Telepathy framework
telepathy-salut-0.8.1-alt3.i586.rpm A link-local XMPP connection manager
telepathy-sipe-1.23.3-alt1.i586.rpm Telepathy connection manager to connect to MS Office Communicator
tellico-3.1.4-alt1.i586.rpm A collection manager for KDE
telnet-3.0-alt9.1.i586.rpm The client program for the telnet remote login protocol
telnet-server-3.0-alt9.1.i586.rpm The server program for the telnet remote login protocol
terminology-1.3.2-alt1.i586.rpm EFL terminal emulator
termit-2.5.0-alt3.qa2.i586.rpm Minimalistic terminal emulator with tabs and encoding support
termutils-6.1.20180407-alt2.i586.rpm Basic terminal utilities