kde4artwork - K Desktop Environment - Artwork

Property Value
Distribution ALT Linux Sisyphus
Repository Classic i586
Package name kde4artwork
Package version 4.14.0
Package release alt3
Package architecture i586
Package type rpm
Installed size unknown
Download size unknown
Official Mirror ftp.altlinux.org
Additional artwork (themes, sound themes, icons,etc...) for KDE.


Package Version Architecture Repository
kde4artwork-4.14.0-alt3.x86_64.rpm 4.14.0 x86_64 Classic
kde4artwork - - -


Name Value
kde4artwork-color-schemes = 4.14.0-alt3
kde4artwork-desktopthemes = 4.14.0-alt3
kde4artwork-emoticons = 4.14.0-alt3
kde4artwork-icon-theme-mono = 4.14.0-alt3
kde4artwork-icon-theme-nuvola = 4.14.0-alt3
kde4artwork-screensavers3d = 4.14.0-alt3
kde4artwork-sounds = 4.14.0-alt3
kde4artwork-styles-kde2-kwin = 4.14.0-alt3
kde4artwork-styles-keramik-kwin = 4.14.0-alt3
kde4artwork-styles-modernsystem-kwin = 4.14.0-alt3
kde4artwork-styles-phase-widgets = 4.14.0-alt3
kde4artwork-styles-quartz-kwin = 4.14.0-alt3
kde4artwork-styles-redmond-kwin = 4.14.0-alt3
kde4artwork-styles-web-kwin = 4.14.0-alt3
kde4artwork-wallpapers = 4.14.0-alt3
rpmlib(PayloadIsLzma) -


Name Value
kde4artwork = 4.14.0-alt3


Type URL
Binary Package kde4artwork-4.14.0-alt3.i586.rpm
Source Package kde4artwork-4.14.0-alt3.src.rpm

Install Howto

  1. Add the following line to /etc/apt/sources.list:
    rpm [Sisyphus] http://ftp.altlinux.org/pub/distributions/ALTLinux/Sisyphus i586 classic
    rpm [Sisyphus] http://ftp.altlinux.org/pub/distributions/ALTLinux/Sisyphus noarch classic
  2. Update the package index:
    # sudo apt-get update
  3. Install kde4artwork rpm package:
    # sudo apt-get install kde4artwork


2017-11-15 - Sergey Bolshakov <sbolshakov@altlinux.ru> 4.14.0-alt3
- do not build 3d screensavers on GLES-flavoured qt
2017-11-14 - Oleg Solovyov <mcpain@altlinux.org> 4.14.0-alt2
- fix build
2014-08-18 - Sergey V Turchin <zerg@altlinux.org> 4.14.0-alt1
- new version
2013-10-04 - Sergey V Turchin <zerg@altlinux.org> 4.11.2-alt0.M70P.1
- built for M70P
2013-10-03 - Sergey V Turchin <zerg@altlinux.org> 4.11.2-alt1
- new version
2013-09-10 - Sergey V Turchin <zerg@altlinux.org> 4.11.1-alt1
- new version
2012-12-19 - Sergey V Turchin <zerg@altlinux.org> 4.10.0-alt0.1
- new beta version
2012-10-04 - Sergey V Turchin <zerg@altlinux.org> 4.9.1-alt1
- new version
2012-04-04 - Sergey V Turchin <zerg@altlinux.org> 4.8.0-alt1.M60P.1
- built for M60P
2012-02-03 - Sergey V Turchin <zerg@altlinux.org> 4.8.0-alt2
- fix provides

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