python-module-pyparsing - Python parsing module

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Distribution ALT Linux Sisyphus
Repository Classic noarch
Package filename python-module-pyparsing-2.4.2-alt1.noarch.rpm
Package name python-module-pyparsing
Package version 2.4.2
Package release alt1
Package architecture noarch
Package type rpm
Category Development/Python
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The parsing module is an alternative approach to creating and executing
simple grammars, vs. the traditional lex/yacc approach, or the use of
regular expressions.  The parsing module provides a library of classes
that client code uses to construct the grammar directly in Python code.


Package Version Architecture Repository
python-module-pyparsing - - -


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/usr/lib/python2.7/site-packages -
python-modules -
rpmlib(PayloadIsLzma) -


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python-module-pyparsing = 2.4.2-alt1:sisyphus+236061.100.3.1
python2.7(pyparsing) -


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Binary Package python-module-pyparsing-2.4.2-alt1.noarch.rpm
Source Package python-module-pyparsing-2.4.2-alt1.src.rpm

Install Howto

  1. Add the following line to /etc/apt/sources.list:
    rpm [Sisyphus] noarch classic
    rpm [Sisyphus] noarch classic
  2. Update the package index:
    # sudo apt-get update
  3. Install python-module-pyparsing rpm package:
    # sudo apt-get install python-module-pyparsing




2019-08-14 - Stanislav Levin <> 2.4.2-alt1
- 2.2.0 -> 2.4.2.
- Enabled testing.
2018-08-08 - Aleksei Nikiforov <> 2.2.0-alt1
- Updated to upstream version 2.2.0.
2017-05-24 - Alexey Shabalin <> 2.1.10-alt1
- 2.1.10
- build python and python3 packages from one spec
2015-02-09 - Eugeny A. Rostovtsev (REAL) <real at> 2.0.3-alt1
- Version 2.0.3
2014-08-25 - Eugeny A. Rostovtsev (REAL) <real at> 2.0.2-alt1
- Version 2.0.2
2013-09-23 - Eugeny A. Rostovtsev (REAL) <real at> 2.0.1-alt1
- Version 2.0.1
2013-02-19 - Aleksey Avdeev <> 1.5.7-alt1
- Version 1.5.7
- Removed module for Python 3
2012-05-10 - Eugeny A. Rostovtsev (REAL) <real at> 1.5.6-alt2
- Added module for Python 3
2011-11-23 - Eugeny A. Rostovtsev (REAL) <real at> 1.5.6-alt1
- Version 1.5.6
2011-10-24 - Vitaly Kuznetsov <> 1.5.5-alt1.1
- Rebuild with Python-2.7

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