Classic x86_64

Package Description
perl-PerlIO-gzip-0.20-alt1.2.x86_64.rpm A layer for the PerlIO system to transparently gzip/gunzip files
perl-PerlIO-utf8_strict-0.007-alt1.2.x86_64.rpm fast and correct UTF-8 IO module
perl-PerlX-Maybe-XS-1.001-alt5.1.x86_64.rpm XS backend for PerlX::Maybe
perl-Pg-2.1.1-alt4.2.x86_64.rpm PostgreSQL database native Perl driver
perl-Pg-PQ-0.15-alt1.2.x86_64.rpm Perl wrapper for PostgreSQL libpq
perl-Prima-1.54-alt1.x86_64.rpm Perl graphic toolkit
perl-Prima-Test-1.54-alt1.x86_64.rpm Test tools for Prima Perl graphic toolkit
perl-Proc-FastSpawn-1.2-alt1.2.x86_64.rpm fork+exec, or spawn, a subprocess as quickly as possible
perl-Proc-ProcessTable-0.56-alt1.x86_64.rpm Perl extension to access the unix process table
perl-Proc-Wait3-0.05-alt1.2.x86_64.rpm Perl wrapper around the wait3(1) system call
perl-Quota-1.7.2-alt1.2.x86_64.rpm Perl interface to file system quotas
perl-RPM-1.51-alt5.2.x86_64.rpm Native bindings to the RPM Package Manager API
perl-RPM2-1.4-alt1.1.x86_64.rpm Perl bindings for the RPM Package Manager API
perl-RRD-1.7.0-alt1.2.x86_64.rpm Round Robin Database perl modules
perl-Razor-2.85-alt4.3.x86_64.rpm Perl modules for Razor
perl-Readonly-XS-1.05-alt7.x86_64.rpm Companion module for perl-Readonly
perl-Ref-Util-XS-0.117-alt1.1.x86_64.rpm XS implementation for Ref::Util Perl module
perl-SDL-2.548-alt1.1.x86_64.rpm Simple DirectMedia Layer for Perl
perl-SDL-OpenGL-2.2.6-alt10.2.x86_64.rpm Simple DirectMedia Layer for Perl (OpenGL)
perl-SDL-pods-2.548-alt1.1.x86_64.rpm POD documentation for Simple DirectMedia Layer for Perl
perl-SDL_Perl-2.2.6-alt10.2.x86_64.rpm Simple DirectMedia Layer for Perl
perl-SGML-Parser-OpenSP-0.994-alt4.1.x86_64.rpm Parse SGML documents using OpenSP
perl-SNMP-5.7.3-alt5.x86_64.rpm Perl SNMP Extension Module
perl-Sane-0.05-alt3.2.x86_64.rpm Perl extension for the SANE (Scanner Access Now Easy) Project
perl-Scalar-Util-Instance-0.001-alt2.2.x86_64.rpm Generates and installs is-a predicates
perl-Scope-Upper-0.31-alt2_1.x86_64.rpm Act on upper scopes
perl-Sereal-Decoder-4.005-alt1.1.x86_64.rpm Fast, compact, powerful binary deserialization
perl-Sereal-Encoder-4.005-alt1.1.x86_64.rpm Fast, compact, powerful binary serialization
perl-Set-Object-1.39-alt1.1.x86_64.rpm Unordered collections (sets) of Perl Objects
perl-Socket-MsgHdr-0.05-alt1.1.x86_64.rpm Sendmsg, recvmsg and ancillary data operations
perl-Socket-Netlink-0.05-alt1.2.x86_64.rpm interface to Linux's PF_NETLINK socket family
perl-Socket6-0.29-alt1.1.x86_64.rpm Socket6 Perl module
perl-Sort-Key-1.33-alt2.1_12.x86_64.rpm Fastest way to sort anything in Perl
perl-Statistics-CaseResampling-0.15-alt5.1.x86_64.rpm Perl module for resampling and calculation of medians with confidence intervals
perl-String-Approx-3.28-alt1.2.x86_64.rpm Perl extension for approximate matching (fuzzy matching)
perl-String-CRC-1.0-alt3.2.x86_64.rpm Cyclic redundency check generation
perl-String-CRC32-1.7-alt1.1.x86_64.rpm Cyclic redundency check generation
perl-String-Compare-ConstantTime-0.320-alt1.1.x86_64.rpm Timing side-channel protected string compare
perl-String-Similarity-1.04-alt5_23.x86_64.rpm Calculates the similarity of two strings
perl-Sub-Current-0.03-alt1.2.x86_64.rpm Perl module to get the current subroutine
perl-Sub-Identify-0.14-alt1.2.x86_64.rpm Retrieve names of code references
perl-Sub-Name-0.21-alt1.2.x86_64.rpm (re)name a sub
perl-Sys-CPU-0.61-alt6_16.x86_64.rpm Getting CPU information
perl-Sys-CPUtime-0.10-alt4.2.x86_64.rpm Perl extension for SIGXCPU workaround
perl-Sys-Guestfs-1.38.6-alt3.1.x86_64.rpm Perl bindings for libguestfs (Sys::Guestfs)
perl-Sys-Hostname-FQDN-0.12-alt1.2.x86_64.rpm Get the short or long hostname
perl-Sys-MemInfo-0.99-alt4_7.x86_64.rpm Memory information as Perl module
perl-Sys-Mmap-0.19-alt1.2.x86_64.rpm Perl module to use mmap to map in a file as a Perl variable
perl-Sys-Virt-5.0.0-alt1.x86_64.rpm Represent and manage a libvirt hypervisor connection
perl-Template-2.28-alt1.1.x86_64.rpm Perl Template Toolkit
perl-Term-ReadLine-Gnu-1.35-alt1.1.x86_64.rpm Perl interface to the GNU Readline library
perl-Term-Size-0.209-alt1.1.x86_64.rpm Perl module for get the size of the terminal
perl-TermReadKey-2.38-alt1.1.x86_64.rpm simple control over terminal driver modes
perl-Test-LeakTrace-0.16-alt3.x86_64.rpm Trace memory leaks
perl-Test-Taint-1.06-alt4.1.x86_64.rpm Checks for taintedness of variables
perl-Text-Aspell-0.09-alt3.2.x86_64.rpm Perl interface to the GNU Aspell library
perl-Text-BibTeX-0.85-alt1.2.x86_64.rpm Interface to read and parse BibTeX files
perl-Text-Bidi-2.15-alt1.1.x86_64.rpm Unicode bidi algorithm for Perl using libfribidi
perl-Text-Bidi-scripts-2.15-alt1.1.x86_64.rpm perl-Text-Bidi scripts
perl-Text-CHM-0.01-alt4.2.x86_64.rpm Perl module for handling Compiled HtmlHelp Files (.chm)
perl-Text-CSV_XS-1.38-alt1.1.x86_64.rpm Comma-separated values manipulation routines
perl-Text-CharWidth-0.04-alt4.2.x86_64.rpm Get number of occupied columns of a string on terminal
perl-Text-ExtractWords-0.08-alt4.2.x86_64.rpm Perl extension for extract words from strings
perl-Text-Iconv-1.7-alt4.2.x86_64.rpm Perl interface to iconv(3) codeset conversion function
perl-Text-Kakasi-2.04-alt4.2.x86_64.rpm Perl frontend to kakasi
perl-Text-Markdown-Hoedown-1.02-alt1.2.x86_64.rpm hoedown for Perl5
perl-Text-Ngram-0.15-alt1.2.x86_64.rpm Ngram analysis of text
perl-Text-Soundex-3.05-alt1.2.x86_64.rpm Implementation of the Soundex algorithm as described by Knuth
perl-Text-Xslate-3.5.6-alt1.1.x86_64.rpm Text::Xslate - Scalable template engine for Perl5
perl-Thread-SigMask-0.004-alt2.2.x86_64.rpm Thread specific signal masks
perl-Tie-CArray-0.15-alt3.2.x86_64.rpm space-efficient, typed, external C Arrays
perl-Time-Format_XS-1.03-alt3.2.x86_64.rpm Companion module for Time::Format, to speed up time formatting
perl-Time-Moment-0.44-alt1.1.x86_64.rpm Represents a date and time of day with an offset from UTC
perl-Time-Piece-1.33-alt1.2.x86_64.rpm Object Oriented time objects
perl-Time-TZOffset-0.04-alt1.2.x86_64.rpm Show timezone offset strings like +0900
perl-Time-Warp-0.54-alt2_1.x86_64.rpm Control over the flow of time
perl-Tk-804.034-alt1.2.x86_64.rpm Perl modules providing the Tk graphics library
perl-Tk-TableMatrix-1.23-alt4.2.x86_64.rpm The Tk::TableMatrix Widget
perl-Tk-TableMatrix-devel-1.23-alt4.2.x86_64.rpm The Tk::TableMatrix Widget
perl-Tk-demos-804.034-alt1.2.x86_64.rpm Perl modules providing the Tk graphics library
perl-Tk-devel-804.034-alt1.2.x86_64.rpm Perl modules providing the Tk graphics library
perl-TokyoCabinet-1.34-alt4.2.x86_64.rpm TokyoCabinet - Perl module
perl-URI-Escape-XS-0.14-alt2_8.x86_64.rpm Drop-In replacement for URI::Escape
perl-URI-UTF8-Punycode-1.05-alt2.2.x86_64.rpm Punycode conversion of UTF-8 string
perl-URI-UTF8-Punycode-scripts-1.05-alt2.2.x86_64.rpm perl-URI-UTF8-Punycode scripts
perl-URL-Encode-XS-0.03-alt1.2.x86_64.rpm XS implementation of URL::Encode
perl-UUID-0.28-alt1.1.x86_64.rpm DCE compatible Universally Unique Identifier library for Perl
perl-Unicode-CaseFold-1.01-alt1.2.x86_64.rpm Unicode case-folding for case-insensitive lookups
perl-Unicode-CheckUTF8-1.03-alt5_22.x86_64.rpm Checks if scalar is valid UTF-8
perl-Unicode-Collate-1.27-alt1.1.x86_64.rpm Unicode Collation Algorithm
perl-Unicode-LineBreak-2019.001-alt1.1.x86_64.rpm UAX #14 Unicode Line Breaking Algorithm
perl-Unicode-Map-0.112-alt7.1.x86_64.rpm Maps charsets from and to utf16 unicode
perl-Unicode-Map-scripts-0.112-alt7.1.x86_64.rpm perl-Unicode-Map scripts
perl-Unicode-Map8-0.13-alt4.2.x86_64.rpm Perl module to represent mapping tables between 8-bit chars and Unicode
perl-Unicode-Normalize-5.28.1-alt1.x86_64.rpm Unicode normalization forms
perl-Unicode-String-2.10-alt1.2.x86_64.rpm Perl module to represent strings of Unicode chars
perl-Unicode-UTF8-0.62-alt1.2.x86_64.rpm Encoding and decoding of UTF-8 encoding form
perl-Unix-Mknod-0.04-alt3.2.x86_64.rpm Perl extension for mknod, major, minor, and makedev
perl-Unix-Syslog-1.1-alt3.2.x86_64.rpm Perl interface to the UNIX system logger
perl-Variable-Magic-0.62-alt1.2.x86_64.rpm Associate user-defined magic to variables from Perl
perl-WWW-Curl-4.17-alt3.2.x86_64.rpm Perl extension interface for libcurl
perl-WWW-Form-UrlEncoded-0.25-alt1.x86_64.rpm parser and builder for application/x-www-form-urlencoded
perl-WWW-Form-UrlEncoded-XS-0.25-alt1.1.x86_64.rpm XS implementation of parser and builder for application/x-www-form-urlencoded
perl-Want-0.29-alt1.2.x86_64.rpm A generalisation of "wantarray"
perl-Wx-0.9932-alt2.2.x86_64.rpm wxPerl - Perl bindings for wxWindows
perl-Wx-GLCanvas-0.09-alt2_17.x86_64.rpm Interface to wxWidgets' OpenGL canvas
perl-Wx-Scintilla-0.39-alt4.2.x86_64.rpm Wx::Scintilla - Scintilla source code editing component for wxWidgets
perl-Wx-devel-0.9932-alt2.2.x86_64.rpm Wx Perl development files
perl-X-Osd-0.7-alt4.2.x86_64.rpm Perl extension to the X On Screen Display library (xosd)
perl-X11-GUITest-0.28-alt1.2.x86_64.rpm Collection of functions for X11 GUI testing/interaction
perl-X11-Xlib-0.18-alt1.1.x86_64.rpm Low-level access to the X11 library
perl-X2Go-Server-DB- Perl X2Go::Server::DB package
perl-XML-Bare-0.53-alt2.2.x86_64.rpm A minimal XML parser / schema checker / pretty-printer using C internally
perl-XML-LibXML-2.0134-alt1.x86_64.rpm Perl binding for libxml2
perl-XML-LibXSLT-1.96-alt1.1.x86_64.rpm Perl interface to the Gnome libxslt library
perl-XML-Parser-2.44-alt2.2.x86_64.rpm Perl module for parsing XML files
perl-XML-SAX-ExpatXS-1.33-alt4_20.x86_64.rpm Perl SAX 2 XS extension to Expat parser
perl-Xmms-0.12-alt5.1.x86_64.rpm fullname (module for perl)
perl-YAML-LibYAML-0.76-alt1.1_1.x86_64.rpm Perl YAML Serialization using XS and libyaml
perl-YAML-Syck-1.31-alt1.1.x86_64.rpm Fast, lightweight YAML loader and dumper
perl-autobox-3.0.1-alt1.1.x86_64.rpm Perl interface to call methods on native types
perl-autovivification-0.18-alt2_3.x86_64.rpm Lexically disable autovivification
perl-base-5.28.1-alt1.x86_64.rpm Pathologically Eclectic Rubbish Lister
perl-common-sense-3.74-alt1.x86_64.rpm "Common sense" Perl defaults
perl-constant-lexical-2.0003-alt1.1.x86_64.rpm Perl pragma to declare lexical compile-time constants
perl-devel-5.28.1-alt1.x86_64.rpm Perl header files and development modules
perl-forks-0.36-alt1.2.x86_64.rpm Drop-in replacement for Perl threads using fork()
perl-hivex-1.3.15-alt3.1.x86_64.rpm Perl bindings for hivex
perl-libapreq2-2.13-alt6.2.x86_64.rpm Perl interface to the Apache HTTP request library
perl-libintl-1.31-alt1.1.x86_64.rpm High-Level Interface to Uniforum Message Translation
perl-obexftp-0.24.2-alt2.4.x86_64.rpm Perl bindings for obexftp
perl-pcsc-1.4.14-alt2.2.x86_64.rpm Perl interface to the PC/SC smart card library
perl-ph-0.11.1-alt1.x86_64.rpm Perl *.ph files
perl-prelude-4.0.0-alt1_3.4.x86_64.rpm Perl bindings for prelude
perl-qa-cache-0.11-alt4.2.x86_64.rpm Simple and efficient cache for memoization
perl-qa-rpmelfsym-0.12.1-alt1.2.x86_64.rpm Faster rpmelfsym(1) and bad_elf_symbols implementation
perl-stfl-0.24-alt5.2.x86_64.rpm Perl binding to stfl
perl-threads-5.28.1-alt1.x86_64.rpm Perl thread modules
perl-xfconf-4.13.6-alt1.1.x86_64.rpm Perl modules for xfconf
perl6-Zef-0.1.29-alt1.x86_64.rpm Perl 6 module manager
pesign-0.109-alt5.x86_64.rpm Signing tool for PE-COFF binaries
pete-2.1.0-alt2.x86_64.rpm Portable Expression Template Engine
pfqueue-0.5.6-alt2.qa1.x86_64.rpm Queue Scanner and Frontend for Postfix and Exim
pfstools-2.1.0-alt4.x86_64.rpm High Dynamic Range (HDR) Images and Video manipulation tools
pg_catcheck-9.6.3-alt2.x86_64.rpm Simple tool for diagnosing system catalog corruption
pg_rman-1.3.8-alt1.x86_64.rpm pg_rman is an online backup and restore tool for PostgreSQL
pg_top-3.7.0-alt1.x86_64.rpm 'top' for PostgreSQL process
pgadmin3-1.22.2-alt2.x86_64.rpm Powerful administration and development platform for PostgreSQL
pgagent-3.4.1-alt1.x86_64.rpm Job scheduler for PostgreSQL which may be managed using pgAdmin
pgbouncer-1.9.0-alt1.x86_64.rpm Lightweight connection pooler for PostgreSQL
pgcenter-0.4.0-alt1.x86_64.rpm top-like PostgreSQL statistics viewer
pgmodeler-0.9.1-alt1.x86_64.rpm PostgreSQL Database Modeler
pgpdump-0.26-alt1.qa1.x86_64.rpm PGP packet visualizer
pgpool-II-4.0.2-alt1.x86_64.rpm Pgpool is a connection pooling/replication server for PostgreSQL
pgtcl-2.1.1-alt1.x86_64.rpm Postgresql binding tcl lib
phlipple-0.8.5-alt3.x86_64.rpm Reduce a 3D shape to a single square
phonon-backend-3-vlc-0.8.2-alt4.S1.x86_64.rpm VLC Phonon backend
phonon-backend-5-gstreamer-4.8.2-alt1.x86_64.rpm Gstreamer phonon backend
phonon-devel-4.8.3-alt1.x86_64.rpm Header files and documentation for compiling KDE applications
photopnmtools-1.3-alt1.qa1.x86_64.rpm Toolset for postprocessing photographic images, based on PPM
photorec-7.1-alt1.x86_64.rpm Data recovery software
phototonic-2.1.10-alt1.x86_64.rpm An image viewer and organizer
php-base-2.7-alt3.x86_64.rpm Package with common data for various PHP packages
php-libdmtx-0.7.2-alt7.x86_64.rpm PHP bindings for libdmtx
php-virt-control-tools-0.0.4-alt1.x86_64.rpm PHP-based virtual machine control tool
php5-5.6.38-alt1.S1.x86_64.rpm The PHP5 scripting language
php5-apcu- PHP5 APCu - APC User Cache
php5-array2arraymap-sdb-0.13-alt8. php5 module to access static db (SDB) files
php5-baxtep-2.2.6-alt5.6.38.20180912.alt1.S1.x86_64.rpm PHP security extension to intercept execution of system commands with PHP scripts
php5-bz2- A Bzip2 management extension
php5-calendar- Date conversion between different calendar formats
php5-cgi- The PHP5 HTML-embedded scripting language as a CGI binary
php5-curl- CURL extensions
php5-curve25519- PHP5 Ed25519 signatures extension for PHP
php5-dba- DBA (gdbm, db4) module for PHP5
php5-dbase- PHP5 dBase database file access functions
php5-devel-5.6.38-alt1.S1.x86_64.rpm Development package for PHP5
php5-dom- PHP5 module for support DOM XML
php5-enchant- Enchant functions
php5-exif- Read header information from JPEG and DIFF headers
php5-facedetect- PHP5 extension to detect faces on images
php5-fileinfo- Fileinfo extension try to guess the content type and encoding of a file
php5-fpm-fcgi- The PHP5 HTML-embedded scripting language as a fpm-fcgi binary
php5-gd2- GD library support for PHP5
php5-gmagick- PHP5 extension to work with images using the GraphicsMagick API
php5-gmp- GNU MP support for PHP5
php5-imagick2- PHP5 wrapper to the ImageMagick library
php5-imap- IMAP module for PHP5
php5-interbase- Interbase database module for PHP5
php5-intl- Internationalization extension is a wrapper for ICU library
php5-jsmin- PHP5 jsmin - extension for minifying JavaScript
php5-lasso-2.6.0-alt1.x86_64.rpm Liberty Alliance Single Sign On (lasso) PHP bindings
php5-ldap- LDAP module for PHP5
php5-libevent- PHP5 extension for event notification via libevent library
php5-libs-5.6.38-alt1.S1.x86_64.rpm Package with common data for various PHP5 packages
php5-libvirt-0.5.2-alt1. PHP language binding for Libvirt
php5-magickwand- PHP5 extension to access the ImageMagick MagickWand API
php5-mbstring- PHP5 module for support multi-byte strings
php5-mcrypt- Mcrypt library support for PHP5
php5-memcache-2.2.6-alt9. memcached extension for PHP5
php5-memcached- PHP5 extension for interfacing with memcached via libmemcached library
php5-mnogosearch-multidb- PHP5 mnogosearch extension for multi-database backend
php5-mnogosearch-mysql- PHP5 mnogosearch extension for MySQL database backend
php5-mnogosearch-odbc- PHP5 mnogosearch extension for ODBC database backend
php5-mnogosearch-pgsql- PHP5 mnogosearch extension for PostgreSQL database backend
php5-mnogosearch-sqlite3- PHP5 mnogosearch extension for SQLite3 database backend
php5-mongo-1.3.7-alt1. PHP MongoDB driver
php5-mssql- MSSQL Extension for PHP5
php5-mysql- MySQL database module for PHP5
php5-mysqli- MySQL Improved Extension for PHP5
php5-mysqlnd-5.6.38-alt1.S1.x86_64.rpm Native PHP driver for MySQL
php5-mysqlnd-mysql- MySQL database module for PHP5 with mysqlnd support
php5-mysqlnd-mysqli- MySQL Improved Extension for PHP5 with Native Driver
php5-mysqlnd-pdo_mysql- MySQL driver for PHP5 Data Objects Interface (mysqlnd build)
php5-opcache- Zend OPcache extension for opcode caching and optimization
php5-openssl- OpenSSL module for PHP5
php5-pcntl- Process Control Module for PHP5 (pcntl)
php5-pdo- PHP5 Data Objects Interface
php5-pdo_mysql- MySQL driver for PHP5 Data Objects Interface
php5-pdo_odbc- ODBC driver for PHP5 Data Objects Interface
php5-pdo_pgsql- PostgreSQL driver for PHP5 Data Objects Interface
php5-pdo_sqlite- SQLLite v3 driver for PHP5 Data Objects Interface
php5-pgsql- PostgreSQL database module for PHP5
php5-protobuf- PHP5 Protobuf - Fast PHP Protocol Buffers implementation
php5-pspell- Pspell php-extension provides spellchecking functions
php5-readline- Readline functions
php5-redis-2.2.7-alt5.6.38.20180912.alt1.S1.x86_64.rpm Client extension for Redis key-value store
php5-snmp- SNMP module for PHP5
php5-soap- Provides SOAP Services for PHP5
php5-sockets- Sockets support for PHP5
php5-sphinx-1.3.3-alt5.6.38.20180912.alt1.S1.x86_64.rpm Client extension for Sphinx - opensource SQL full-text search engine
php5-sqlite3- SQLite module for PHP5
php5-suhosin-0.9.38-alt5.6.38.20180912.alt1.S1.x86_64.rpm Advanced PHP5 protection system
php5-sybase_ct- Sybase or MS-SQL database module for PHP5
php5-tidy- Tidy extension for php5
php5-timezonedb- PHP5 Timezone Database
php5-xdebug- xdebug extensions
php5-xhprof- Hierarchical Profiler for PHP
php5-xmlreader- PHP5 module for support XML
php5-xmlrpc- XML-RPC module for PHP5
php5-xsl- Sablotron XSLT support for PHP5
php5-yaml- PHP5 YAML-1.1 parser and emitter
php5-zip- ZIP functions
php7-7.2.15-alt1.x86_64.rpm The PHP7 scripting language
php7-apcu-7.2.15-alt1.x86_64.rpm PHP7 extension APCu - APC User Cache
php7-apcu_bc-7.2.15-alt1.x86_64.rpm PHP7 extension apcu_bc - APCu Backwards Compatibility Module
php7-bz2-7.2.15-alt1.x86_64.rpm A Bzip2 management extension
php7-calendar-7.2.15-alt1.x86_64.rpm Date conversion between different calendar formats
php7-curl-7.2.15-alt1.x86_64.rpm CURL extension for PHP
php7-dba-7.2.15-alt1.x86_64.rpm DBA (gdbm, db4) module for PHP